Valtteri Bottas summed up the Monaco GP with interview reaction

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - Previews

It seems Valtteri Bottas agreed with teammate Lewis Hamilton and McLaren's Fernando Alonso when they said that the Monaco Grand Prix this year was "boring".

The Finnish driver gave a comical reaction to a series of questions regarding the Monaco GP following the race when quizzed by a reporter, which pretty much summed up what his colleagues were also saying.

As the interviewer babbled away, Bottas nodded along before turning his head and yawning.

His reaction brought an awkward chuckle from the female correspondent holding the microphone and left Bottas smiling ironically. Perhaps it was a subtle nod towards the boring series of events at the GP in Monaco.

His hazy eyes may have been the perfect cover for him finishing fifth behind winner Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull in what was a pretty slow paced and uneventful race.

It was also a bad day for his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, who was beaten to second by Sebastian Vettel, who narrowed the championship gap to 14 points.

It's not the first time Bottas has been caught looking sleepy either, as he was caught off guard at last year's Japanese GP yawning away between practices.

Clearly the F1 circuits are not filling him full of adrenaline.

Lewis Hamilton said the drivers were "cruising around from lap six," and not really competing in the general GP manner. Fernando Alonso also waded into the debate, claiming it was "extremely boring...the most boring race ever."

Some say it's the track that often leaves spectators and drivers feeling unfulfilled as there is minimal room on the track to overtake and make for entertaining driving. There was only one pit stop per team because drivers feared they'd be held up by other slower cars which would hinder their chances of moving up the final rankings.

On Twitter, fans took out their frustration too, as one user @F1JJ said: "I actually believe Monaco should no longer be on the F1 calendar."

The most critical came from another @Whelts, who said, "If a bus had been on pole it would have won. Lovely track in its day, but not suitable for modern racing."

It didn't seem to bother the winner, though, as Ricciardo took a chance to refresh himself, diving into the Red Bull rooftop pool in sweet victory celebration. No yawning for him then.

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