Isiah Thomas says LeBron James is "much better" than Michael Jordan was

Isiah Thomas wipes his eye as he laughs while talk

It’s safe to say that the beef that existed during the playing careers of NBA legends Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan has never subsided, at least for one of them.

Most likely stemming from heated on-court battles between Thomas’ “Bad Boys” Pistons teams and Jordan’s Bulls, it’s obvious that Thomas still has no issue trying to get under Jordan’s skin.

Earlier this year, Thomas was asked who he’d pick in the never-ending debate of who the better player is: LeBron or MJ.

“There’s a debate in terms of Jordan and LeBron. And on any given night, who do you like. For me I look at the total body of work of LeBron James as a basketball player. And if I had to pick one over the other, right now I’m picking LeBron James over Michael Jordan because Jordan would beat you at scoring. But this guy beats you at everything,” Thomas said at the time.

That led to an emotional defense from Jordan’s former teammate Scottie Pippen, who didn't hold back any words for his former enemy.

“You know what, I find that comment there just hating. I’ve never seen this guy embrace or thank Michael Jordan for what he did for our game, done for our league,” he said. “Done for all the kids out here in terms of basketball. … Michael Jordan was the greatest to ever put on shoes and play in our game. No doubt about it.” 

If Pippen thought that comment from Thomas was disrespectful, hopefully he didn’t tune into ESPN’s Get Up! morning show on Monday.

“What I’m witnessing in LeBron James is a complete basketball player dominating this period of time,” Thomas said. “I haven’t seen anyone else do that in our league with the exception of two people. That’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell."

That's a tribute to how well LeBron has been guiding his team through these playoffs. But then, Thomas shared his blazing hot take with the audience when Jordan's name got brought up.

“But when you talk about just a basketball player, a complete basketball player, LeBron James is a much better basketball player than Michael Jordan," he claimed.

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Choosing LeBron over Jordan is an acceptable position, but using the words “much better” to describe the situation was a bit surprising, even with Thomas' bias. After all, he now spends his time as an NBA analyst for NBA TV.

As of Monday night, neither Jordan or Pippen has responded to Thomas’ claim. Although MJ rarely publicly reacts to things like this, Pippen has proven to be a staunch defender of his former teammate's legacy over the years.

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