Daniel Ricciardo was told something on lap 37 of Monaco Grand Prix that makes his win epic


If radio transmissions between Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo and his team are legitimate, then the Monaco GP winner has pulled off an amazing, if not seemingly impossible, victory with well over half a race to go.

Footage has emerged just after he announced to his team that he supposedly had experienced power failure during lap 31.

His team member was heaping praise on the driver, keeping him in good spirits whilst they tried to rectify the issue by uttering: "Daniel, you're doing a really good job mate. It's really good stuff."

Knowing he was having issues, Ricciardo replied: "Will it get better?" to which the response was: "Negative, Daniel, Negative."

The power failure which occured in his MGU-K motor generator apparently limited his engine power by 25%. This became more apparent when second placed Sebastian Vettel began closing up a gap on the leader.

An MGU-K failure not only causes major power issues, it also affects braking and causes overheating and more difficulty with steering.

The incident was confirmed by team boss Christian Horner, who compared the incident to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg's problems in Montreal a few years ago. 

"He is having Sebastian Vettel breathing down his neck. He cannot make a mistake," Horner said, before applauding his driver with a conclusive, "...he totally nailed it. He was the coolest guy out there today."

The man in the driving seat also spoke frankly about his fears whilst competing in the thick of the race. 

"I expected my race to be over in a few corners... the team said 'this is you for the rest of the race now'."

Any chance to stop in the Red Bull pit was overruled as Ricciardo had the lead and they collectively didn't want him to give up the pole postion in the race. According to the statistics, around 2.5 seconds per lap was lost once the engine failed.

But, Ricciardo continued on and took the race away from Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton. Quite an astonishing achievement when you consider the pressure he was under.

After the race was finished, a very hot and bothered Red Bull driver took a celebratory dive into the team's rooftop pool in front of spectating photographers.

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