Patrick Beverley slams Tristan Thompson's fake tough guy act after game one ejection


Tristan Thompson let his emotions, and Draymond Green, get the better of him down the stretch of the Cavs' unfortunate overtime loss to the Warriors in game one of the NBA Finals, Thursday. 

Green's excessive trash talking had visibly irritated Thompson, and Shaun Livingston's attempted jumper with mere seconds left on the clock and an eight point lead was his breaking point. 

The Cavs center fouled Livingston which led to his ejection from the game, and sparked a chaotic scuffle in the middle of the court. 

Green began sarcastically clapping in the vicinity of Thompson following his ejection, which clearly  irked the 27-year-old Canadian and prompted him to shove the ball into Green's face. 

That petty act ignited the scuffle, which was soon broken up, but Thompson continued to motion to Green to come at him as he was being led towards the tunnel. 

According to one NBA player though, that macho, tough-guy attitude is a complete facade when it comes to Thompson. 

Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley took to Twitter to call out Thompson and make sure everyone knew that he's not tough. 

"Now everyone in the League know @RealTristan13 is not tough. When did he become Mayweather" Beverley wrote. 

In fairness to Thompson, anyone would've found it difficult to refrain from reacting to the irritating mocking coming from Green, and he did justify his foul on Livingston fairly soundly after the game. 

“I contested a shot that shouldn’t have been taken,” Thompson said via USA Today Sports. “I mean, it’s like the unspoken rule in the NBA: If you’re up by 10 or 11 with about 20 seconds left, you don’t take that shot.”

However necessary Thompson felt it was to foul on the play, his actions towards Green could have consequences for the Cavs going forward in the series. 

A league review will decide if Thompson receives a one game suspension for the altercation, and he's not the only Cleveland star in danger of missing a game. 

Kevin Love entered the court whilst the scuffle took place, despite being on the bench at the time, and under league rules he too could face a ban. 

The last thing the Cavaliers need in an already enormous uphill battle, is two of the three members of their starting front court to miss a game for disciplinary reasons. Whilst their absences likely won't alter the outcome of game two, it could really hurt the Cavs' chances of defending their home court and going into game five all square. 

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