Michele Pirro suffers terrifying 200mph crash during Italian GP practice


Moto GP rider Michele Pirro will be counting himself extremely lucky to survive a terrifying 200mph crash during a practice session for the Italian GP on Friday.

Pirro who is a test rider for the Ducati team, was catapulted into the air on a straight before skidding across the track during the second practice at Mugello.

Pirro was knocked unconscious when he hit the ground, but by the time he was taken to the circuit medical centre for checks, he had apparently regained consciousness.

All seemed normal with the Ducati rider's progress as he hit the brakes, alongside a fellow rider, at the end of a straight just before entering the 1st turn.

However almost without warning his rear tyre lifted up, shaking his bike uncontrollably, and the 31-year-old was unable to hang on - scroll down to see the video.

Pirro was launched spectacularly high above his bike into the air hitting the tarmac hard, as his body was shaken like a rag doll by the momentum of the incident.

He eventually came to a stop on the gravel, luckily avoiding any contact with his sliding bike and was quickly attended to by medical staff before being taken to a Florence hospital by helicopter for further examinations.

Ducati sporting director Paolo Ciabatti told Spanish TV channel Movistar Pirro was awake but couldn't recall the crash.

Ciabatti said: "I spoke a few minutes ago with [Ducati team manager] Davide Tardozzi, who is in the medical centre. Apparently the situation is less serious than it looked before," per The Sun.


"Michele recognises people and can talk. He doesn't remember anything.

"He can move his legs and arms, but he could have a problem with the shoulder, so they are going to check it in a hospital in Florence with an MRI to make sure nothing is broken."

Clearly a very lucky escape for the Italian.

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