Ex-WCW World Champion destroys WWE's Hall Of Fame

The professional wrestling business if full of legends, ranging from former WWE, WCW and IMPACT Wrestling World Champions.

You know that you’ve left an incredible mark on the business when the WWE calls you up and offers you an induction spot into their Hall Of Fame. There is no bigger honor in professional wrestling than an induction into WWE’s Hall Of Fame.

Some of the biggest names in professional wresting history have already taken their place in immortality; Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Booker T, Goldberg, and so many more.

Before today’s era of wrestling, where WWE is the sole juggernaut in the industry, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was just as big – if not bigger – in the 80s and 90s.

Some of the biggest names from WCW are also in the Hall Of Fame, such as the aforementioned Goldberg and Sting.

The Missing Legend

One name that isn’t in the Hall Of Fame, however, is former WCW World Champion Scott Steiner.

Steiner was a huge household name during his WCW run, and after WWE bought out its rival promotion, his stint under Vince McMahon was short-lived.

Steiner recently did an interview with Wrestling Inc. and was asked about the possibility of one day joining WWE’s Hall Of Fame.

There’s no doubt that Steiner is deserving of the honor, but it doesn’t seem like he’s all that interested in it.

For staters, Steiner has a major issue with the Hall itself. WWE doesn’t have a physical Hall Of Fame that can be attended by fans and admired.

The HOF That Doesn’t Exist

For this, Steiner is baffled that people actually care about going into the Hall Of Fame, when in actuality it doesn’t even exist (quotes via Ringside News):

“Can you go someplace and say that it is legit when it doesn’t exist? How can you say it is legit? It defies all odds.

“You cannot have a Hall of Fame if you cannot visit. It is the creation of someone’s mind. It boggles my mind that people care about being in the Hall of Fame when it doesn’t even exist.

“Would you go to a grocery store but there is no food? It is such a freaking joke it drives me crazy. I don’t give a f**k. The Hall of Fame doesn’t exist,” Steiner said.

“You can’t visit it. I get so sick of talking about it because it is so stupid. People take it so seriously. Some guys really just mark out for themselves and think of how great it is. It is freaking fake.

“It doesn’t exist. It’s crazy. People ask me that question all the time but I give the same answer all of the time. It doesn’t exist.

“You might as well put the Hall of Fame on the moon. It’s the same s**t. You are never going to go to the moon to visit the Hall of Fame. I don’t care if it was on earth; you wouldn’t visit it either.”

Pay Me

As for if he’d ever join WWE’s Hall Of Fame, Steiner admitted he’d consider the honor – but on one condition. He wants to be paid for it:

“It’s like anything else; you have to pay. He [Vince McMahon] gets paid for the show. The Network pays for him to have the show.

“If you are going to pay me, sure. Pay me! These guys do it for free, but the whole concept is crazy to me. It is amazing–but, people do it.”

What are your thoughts on Steiner’s comments about the WWE’s Hall Of Fame? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below!


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