Reggie Bush lambasts Mike Tomlin and the Steelers for not learning from their mistakes


The Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 season came to yet another disappointing ending in the postseason. 

The Jaguars handed Mike Tomlin's team a shocking 45-42 home defeat in the divisional round as another prime year of their triple B's careers went by without a Super Bowl appearance. 

The longtime Steelers head coach copped a fair amount of stick from certain media members following the the tough loss, but his air of untouchability as the franchise leader still seems to remain intact. 

That doesn't sit well with former Saints running back Reggie Bush though, and he made his feelings abundantly clear on NFL Network show Good Morning Football, Friday. 

The now-retired Bush is tired of seeing the Steelers make the same mistakes year in, year out in the playoffs, and had some stern words for Tomlin and the greater hierarchy in Pittsburgh. 

"I feel like the Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t learned their lessons." the 2005 Heisman Trophy winner said. "When you look at the Jacksonville Jaguars last year, everybody in the world knew that Pittsburgh was heavily favored to win the game, and had way more talent. And a bye week, and at home.

"Jacksonville had already beaten them once that season. Leading up to that game, what did we hear? Guys looking forward, already talking about the Patriots game. They’re looking past Jacksonville like this is gonna be a walk in the park. And what happened? They got punched in the mouth, they were down 21-0 in the first half. It seems like this happens year in and year out."

Under Tomlin, the Steelers have regularly dropped games against lesser opponents, and found ways to lose games they should really have won.

It happened on multiple occasions in 2017, namely twice against Jacksonville at home and an embarrassing overtime loss to the lowly Bears, and Bush is sick of Tomlin and his staff not being held to account for unacceptable performances. 

"At what point do you start to say that maybe the players aren’t responding to the coach, or maybe there needs to be some form of a culture shift that I believe Tomlin can get done. But you can’t have guys sending the wrong message saying ‘I don’t want to catch passes from the backup.’" Bush said. 

The fact is that Tomlin's team loses multiple games every year on the back of inexcusable performances against teams they should beat with ease. In his 11 seasons at the helm, he's only missed the playoffs three times, but they've not made the Super Bowl since 2010 and have a 3-4 playoff record in that time. 

At some point, enough has to be enough, especially considering the enormous amount of talent on the current roster, particularly on offense. 

Tomlin is undoubtedly one of the best motivators in the NFL, but the culture inside the locker room has publicly deteriorated in recent years with a flurry of bizarre incidents hitting headlines. 

His past successes have earned him some leniency for losses that would've seen other coaches fired, and maybe deservedly so, but something has to change in Pittsburgh soon if his team is to get over the hump and win another championship. 

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