Watch: Steve Smith Sr. exchanges trash talk with Baker Mayfield in hilarious interview


Steve Smith Sr. was one of the feistiest, most intimidating opponents in the NFL for well over a decade, despite his diminutive size. 

The former Panthers and Ravens receiver is surely Hall of Fame bound at some stage in the future, and even in retirement it's abundantly clear he's not lost one iota of the pugnacious attitude that made him such a fiery competitor on the field. 

Now an analyst for NFL Network, Smith's strong opinions and expert analysis have made him a popular on-screen personality in his short time in his broadcasting career. 

Last week Smith sat down for an interview with the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield and the conversation quickly turned into a trash talking back-and-forth for the ages. 

The hilarious exchange began with Smith asking Mayfield what position he would want to play if he weren't a quarterback. 

Mayfield said he'd probably play safety. That answer clearly bothered the five-time Pro Bowler. A lot. 

The amusing back-and-forth then began like this: 

Smith: You want to play safety?
Mayfield: Yeah.
Smith: I would run you over.
Mayfield: No.
Smith: If you were a safety.
Mayfield: No.
Smith: You know that?
Mayfield: No.

Smith's infamous trash talking ability then showed through. "I’d run you over" the 39-year-old taunted. 

"I would make it my job to go hit you," Mayfield retorted with a wide grin on his face, clearly enjoying the experience. 

Smith hit back in true style though, saying: "You can do a lot of things but that doesn't mean you are going to accomplish it. I would run you over and then after I run you over, I would spin the ball."

"Right next to me? That is just disrespectful," Mayfield said.

"I am a disrespectful kind of dude," Smith responded, ending the jovial exchange.

In fairness, Mayfield held his own for a while, but Smith has been owning opponents in the trash-talk game for nearly two decades and it was obvious that he was loving the competitive nature of the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. 

The number one overall pick faces an uphill battle to usurp Tyrod Taylor as the Browns starter for the start of the 2018 season, but little snippets like this prove just how competitive he is and there's no way he will settle for the backup spot without a significant fight. 

Just like Smith Sr., Mayfield's fiery nature could be a huge part of his future success in the NFL and he'll be well served to take any advice he can from the widely respected former wideout. 

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