Colby Covington on if he'll slap Joe Rogan at UFC 225


Right now Colby Covington has an interim welterweight title fight to focus on, but that doesn't mean he won't trash talk other fighters in different weight classes.

Covington is set to take on ex-UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos tonight (Sat. June 9, 2018) at the UFC 225 pay-per-view (PPV) in Chicago, Illinois for the interim 170-pound title.

In recent months, however, Covington has been getting under the skin of other UFC champions.

"Chaos" went off on former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor on Twitter, threatening to bring him into police custody himself after the incident that occurred in Brooklyn.

Beef With Rogan

He then took aim at his former friend Jon Jones, the greatest light heavyweight fighter of all time.

Covington has been making some dark personal accusations against Jones, including an accusation that "Bones" has been using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) since college.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan took to his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, several weeks ago to warn Covington that he probably shouldn't talk trash about someone like Jones, because they might come face-to-face one day (quotes via LowKickMMA):

“I think Joe Rogan should worry about what he’s saying about me because we might just meet face to face soon in the near future.

"He might be commentating that Chicago card, so that’s kind of hypocritical of him to say something like that because when he’s talking about me, we might be face to face. I might just have to slap him.”

Soon after those comments were made, Covington threatened to slap Rogan in Chicago when they meet each other.

If Covington proves to be victorious against RDA, Rogan would have to interview the grappler.

I Won't Slap You

This caused an uproar from fans, who love Rogan, and made Covington even more hated than he already is. In a recent interview with UFC Tonight, Covington gave an update on the matter.

Covington admitted that he has let go of his grievances with Rogan, and won't be slapping him in Chicago:

“I’ve decided to let things go with Joe. I decided to give him a pass. I’m feeling good, I’m in the spirit,” Covington said.

“It’s title fight week, I’m about to make a lot of money with more zeroes to my paycheck, so I am feeling good. I’m going to give Joe a pass.”

What are your thoughts on Covington saying he won't slap Rogan in Chicago? Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below!

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