Cardinals rookie Chase Edmonds is using his first pay check in an amazing way


Chase Edmonds was selected with the 134th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the Cardinals. 

The former Fordham running back realised a longtime dream when his name was called on day three of the draft, and not just because of the $452,359 signing bonus he netted after putting pen to paper on his first contract. 

Having said that, his first NFL pay check has helped him realise another dream, one that he's also held for the majority of his life. 

Edmonds formulated a plan with his mother when he was ten years old to help his elder sister, Morgan, in an incredible way. 

And, now that he's made it to the NFL, he can finally put it into action. 

In an amazing, and incredibly selfless gesture, the Cardinals rookie plans to pay off all $80000 of Morgan's student loans. 

It's something that's long been in his mind, but according to ESPN it wasn't until is Junior year in college that he realised just how much money it would take to fully relieve his sister of her debts. 

“I love my big sister. That’s just the least I can do for her,” Edmonds said told ESPN. “When you’re on full scholarship you don’t realize these bills. These things add up. When my mom told me Morgan’s debt at the time, I said, ‘Wow. If I ever can make it to the NFL that’s something that I would love to do, just to surprise her and pay that off for her so she can really live free and do whatever she wants with her money.'”

A lot of rookies get their money and splash it all on houses, cars, and flashy jewellery and clothes, but not Edmonds, and his sister seemed completely shocked and eternally grateful for his amazing act of generosity. 

“I didn’t realize my student loans were on his radar,” Morgan said. “It’s not something I talk about. It’s not something I complain about. It’s just a reality of going to grad school, unfortunately. I wasn’t surprised, but I was just like . . . I guess I was surprised.”

After signing a four-year $3.36 million deal on May 12, Edmonds spoke to Cardinals media. 

"My sister has some student debt so I really want to pay that off for her," he said. 

It's an amazing way to show the kind of person he is even prior to the start of his career, and the Cardinals will only hope that his on-field production lives up to his stellar off-field nature. 

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