Steve Kerr believes this was a "harder season" for Kevin Durant with the Warriors

2018 NBA Finals - Game Two

With back-to-back championships and two straight Finals MVP awards under his belt, Kevin Durant is continuing to prove that he made the correct decision to join the Golden State Warriors two years ago. 

The 29-year-old once again made vital contributions in the Finals to help the Bay Area franchise secure its third title in four years. 

He enjoyed another terrific season with the Dubs and stepped up big in the playoffs when it mattered most. 

The game has never looked so easy for the lengthy small forward and he's once again cemented his status as one of the best players in the league. 

But despite his success on the court, head coach Steve Kerr believes that Durant's second year in Oakland has been much tougher compared to his first. 

Kerr insists it hasn't always been easy for the 2014 MVP to blend his talents with the other All-Stars on the team. 

"Last year was the honeymoon," Kerr said on the ESPN podcast The Lowe Post. "It seemed like he was engaged all year last season.

"Whereas this year everything was harder, everything was more difficult. Not only was that true as a group but for individuals.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Four

"I thought it was a harder season for Kevin. Maybe the novelty of joining a new team had worn off. Maybe he won the Finals MVP and we won a championship and then you're right back at it, and it's like, 'Oh wait, now you've got to climb the mountain again,' it doesn't end."


Kerr revealed that there was a period in the campaign where KD had been drifting and losing focus. 

He explained how he had lunch with the superstar around the All-Star break in an effort to reconnect with him. 

2017 NBA Finals - Game Four

"It hasn't always been easy for him -- even though he makes it look easy -- it hasn't always been easy for him to blend into the team and blend his talents into the style that we have had here for many years," Kerr said.

"Kevin is very vulnerable, I think it is one of his great qualities. He's a real human being, he's not like a machine, he's vulnerable like we all are, what makes him coachable.

"But it also means that there are going to be some ups and downs and he's going to have some angst, and if you don't get that in the open you're never going to get through it."

His focus was there when it counted and he was a crucial factor in their championship win once again. 

With the former OKC star set to hit free agency, the Warriors have already stated that they'll give him "whatever he wants" to stay with the franchise. 

He's helped to create a dynasty and their dominance will only continue with Durant set to commit his future to the team.

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