Chris Simms got fined for doing something incredible after a Bucs playoff game in 2005


Do you remember much about the career of former NFL quarterback Chris Simms? Probably not. 

Well, before his more successful broadcasting work with CBS, Simms did actually spend seven years in the league. 

Unfortunately, he only played 23 games during that time and threw just 12 touchdowns - as well as 18 interceptions. 


In fact, he's most famous suffering a potentially life-threatening injury against the Carolina Panthers, while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2006. 

In that game, he was taken off the field after being on the receiving end of a number of hard hits from the Panthers D. 

Simms was actually allowed to return but was still clearly in physical distress, so he was taken to hospital after the game. 

Tests revealed he had suffered a ruptured spleen - and he was rushed in for emergency surgery. 

The QB later explained that he lost five pints of blood before the operation and had he gone without treatment for another 45 minutes - the injury could have been fatal. 



But before all that, Simms did have a shred of success of the football field. 

In 2005, he played as Tampa's back up quarterback. In that season, starter Brian Griese was injured in week six - allowing Simms to play for the rest of the year.

Incredibly, he lead the Bucs to a playoff berth for the first time since their Super Bowl victory in 2002.



After winning the NFC South, Tampa took on the Washington Redskins at Raymond James Stadium. However, they couldn't make home advantage count - and lost in the Wild Card round.

Simms did throw a touchdown - but it wasn't enough as the Bucs lost 17-10 - in what wasn't exactly a postseason classic. 

However, what Simms did after he threw the touchdown should be celebrated as a great football moment. 



According to Rob Guerrera, who works for NBC, Simms recently told him that he did something epic when celebrating that touchdown against the Redskins. 

He apparently threw a ball at the famous pirate ship that sits above one of the stands at Raymond James Stadium. 

Not only did he hit his target, but he threw the ball into one of the ship's cannons, which, is quite a remarkable achievement.  


Hilariously, Simms also got fined $2500 for the throw, but it was probably worth every penny. 

Now, many people are, unsurprisingly, questioning the legitimacy of Simms' statement. But if what he said is true, then wow. That's one hell of a great shot. 

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