Steve Kerr explains how Andre Iguodala played a free agency prank on him last year

Andre Iguodala has developed a bit of a reputation as a prankster and some of his Golden State Warriors teammates have often been victims of this.

He is viewed as the joker of the team and nobody within the organisation is safe from his pranks.

Even head coach Steve Kerr can be on the receiving end and he recently revealed how Iguodala got him last year.

Last summer, the 34-year-old became a free agent and there were some doubts about his future with the Warriors.

As both Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant had also hit free agency, the franchise couldn't guarantee him the deal he wanted.

With a huge possibility that he could be lured away from the Bay Area, Iggy had multiple suitors which included the Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings.

The Rockets didn't really have the cap space to match his demands but the Kings certainly did and had made a big offer to the small forward.


After receiving Sacramento's proposal, the three-time champion set up a conference call with Kerr and general manager Bob Myers to explain that he was going to leave.

"I was never really that worried. I guess Sacramento was involved, and they were offering him a big deal," Kerr said on The Lowe Post podcast.

"Typical Andre, he decided to play a joke on Bob and me. He got us on a conference call and told us he was going to go to Sacramento. We wished him well and he’s like, “I gotcha suckers, I’m coming back. That's probably the first time it's ever been told.

"But now that we've won a title and we got it all in our rearview mirror, that story can be told. But that's typical Andre."

The 2015 Finals MVP was hoping to make them sweat a little over this revelation but it didn't really wash with Kerr.

"I bought it for a few seconds, but he gave it away quickly. He just started laughing. He just said, 'Nah, I'm just kidding.' And it would have been shocking for him to leave this situation," added Kerr.

"Really the whole time, I thought he was coming back, but he did bust me for like five seconds."

The one-time All-Star eventually re-signed with the Dubs on a three-year, $48-million deal. Durant's decision to take a significant pay cut allowed the team to re-sign the swingman.

As they say, the rest is history as he enjoyed his third championship success with the Oakland-based outfit last week.

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