UFC president Dana White has a very strong response to CM Punk's critics

Last week was probably one of the most exhausting and draining weeks of CM Punk’s entire life.

The former WWE star was locked in a legal battle with his old employer – and that only reached a verdict a number of days before he stepped into the UFC Octagon for a long-awaited bout. 


The wrestler turned MMA fighter took on Mike Jackson last Saturday – and it was only the second time that they both stepped into the cage. 

Honestly – there was little to cheer for Punk fans, as he was well beaten by his opponent. The fight did last three rounds, but it really shouldn’t have. 


In fact, many people have criticised the attitude of Jackson, who made no attempt to finish the fight when he could have. At times, it looked like he was toying with Punk.

And that’s something that hasn’t gone down well with fans, and even UFC president Dana White, who has also been bashing “Truth” ever since.

Following the fight, White gave Jackson a severe dressing down, calling him out for “acting like a goofball” and claiming that as far as he’s concerned, Truth is 0-2, just like Punk.


Interestingly, in the aftermath of the bout, White has done nothing but praise Punk.

He first said that the amateur MMA fighter showed a lot of heart in the Octagon – and now has a message to all of Punk’s critics.   


A few people, most notably UFC’s analyst Joe Rogan, have questioned Punks ability and argued that he shouldn’t even be on the roster. But that’s a feeling White definitely doesn’t share. 

“A lot of people talk sh-t about CM, well, get in there. Come on over,” he said on the MMA Roasted podcast, per Bloody Elbow. “Have a fight and fight one of these guys.”

“It’s easy to sit in your living room and talk sh-t. This guy was a huge star in WWE and he came over here and put it all on the line twice, man, in front of the whole world.

“If people can’t respect that, then they’re a f-king idiot.”

Damn. That’s a pretty strong response to all of Punk’s critics. And fair play to White for defending his talent – because as he suggests, what Punk has done is nothing short of remarkable. 

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