CM Punk's MMA coach has some honest advise for him after UFC loss

UFC 225: Whittaker v Romero 2

CM Punk has now suffered back-to-back losses in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

The former WWE mega-star decided to begin his MMA training back in 2014 just after departing from the world of professional wrestling.

He joined up with the Roufussport gym that has trained the likes of current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and former lightweight champion Anthony "Showtime" Pettis.

After two years of training, Punk made his MMA debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in 2016 against Mickey Gall. Punk was immediately taken down, battered on the ground and subsequently submitted via rear-naked choke.

I Will Continue

Despite the lopsided defeat, Punk expressed his desire to continue fighting and was granted one more opportunity in the UFC cage.

UFC 203: Miocic v Overeem

After two more years of training, Punk was scheduled to fight former Houston Golden Gloves winner Mike Jackson at the UFC 225 pay-per-view (PPV) last weekend (Sat. June 9, 2018) in his hometown of Chicago.

The pair opened up the main card with a three round welterweight contest. Punk was able to hang relatively respectfully in the first round, however, he gassed out quickly and was pretty much dominated for the latter two rounds.


Although he survived all 15 minutes, and some might argue at the reluctance of Jackson to finish the fight despite having the opportunity several times, Punk lost a lopsided unanimous decision.

UFC President Dana White admitted that after seeing Punk lose twice now, he likely won't get a third shot inside the Octagon.

Recently, one of Punk's MMA coaches, his jiu-jitsu instructor at Roufussport, Daniel Wanderley, spoke to MMA Fighting about Punk's fighting future.

Wanderley had some brutally honest advise for his fighter. He said that he hopes Punk continues to train jiu-jitsu and enter competitions, but as far as actual fighting, it's probably time to hang up the gloves (quotes via MMA News):

“I hope he continues training and maybe enters a jiu-jitsu competition, something he has always talked about,” Wanderley said.

“I hope he comes back with a good mindset and keeps training jiu-jitsu because that’s good for his life. I think that’s a perfect sport for him.

“I think he should continue training kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, but training for a [MMA] fight is too hard.

"I wish he would go on to compete in jiu-jitsu because you face opponents at your age, your skill level, your belt rank, so you don’t fight someone more experienced than you. That’s my recommendation for him.”

UFC 225: Whittaker v Romero 2

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