The best Madden 19 player ratings have been leaked and there are some big shocks


It's now less than two months until Madden 19 is released - and NFL fans are very excited about this year's game. 

The summer is always an interesting time for Madden fans, as new information is released - and sometimes leaked, surrounding the annual title. 


We already know a little bit about the game, as EA Sports confirmed that Terrell Owens will grace the cover of the "Hall of Fame" edition, even after his recent controversy. 

A number of new features have been announced too. This year we will see "real player motions" and get to take part in interactive touchdown celebrations too.  

That's all been confirmed. But over the weekend, it appears that a number of player ratings have also been leaked. 


NFL fans always love to see how good their favourite player will be in Madden. In fact, it's always interesting to see who are going to be the best players in the whole game. 

Well, luckily for us, a list of the top 35 players has been posted on Twitter, which gives an early indication of who you'll definitely want to put in your Ultimate Team.  

It should be noted though, that this list and the ratings are not final - however, it's probably a very good indication of what to expect come August.  

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And there are a few shocks on it. 


Aaron Rodgers tops the list, with the highest rating of 99. He's joined by Aaron Donald and Antonio Brown, who also have been given 99 overall at this stage. 

Arguably, none of those ratings are very surprising and many fans will be calling that justified. 

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Slightly further down the list, with the ninth highest overall in the game, is J.J. Watt. He's been given a 96 rating - but after failing to play a full season in two years, that's not completely justified. 

Other shocks include Rob Gronkowski, who's slipped down to a 92 rating - and Le'Veon Bell, who's only 93. 

Check out the full list below. 


There are also a number of players who have missed out on the list. Somehow, Von Miller doesn't make the top 35 and nor do Carson Wentz and Darius Slay. 

The likes of Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford and Todd Gurley are all absent too and that's certainly not going to go down well with NFL fans.  

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings

There is still two months until the game is actually released, so there's plenty of time for EA Sports to update the list. But if they don't, they'll be facing a lot of stick from football fans.  

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