Quandre Diggs finds out his Madden 19 rating and has a brutal response for EA Sports


There are now just less than two months until Madden 19 is released and NFL fans are very excited about the latest installment. 

Despite being an annual release, the summer months are always intriguing for those who play the game, because lots of information is revealed. 


We already know that there are a number of new features coming to the game in 2018 - with "real player motions" and interactive touchdown celebrations being added.

Along with some confirmed news, there's been a number of leaks surrounding the player ratings for this year. 

Over the past few days, some fans, YouTubers and journalists have been able to get their hands on the game - and record some footage from it. 

Naturally, that leads to player ratings being shown - and although they're surely not final, that hasn't stopped one NFL player from voicing his annoyance at EA Sports. 


Quandre Diggs has been provisionally rated at lower than 80 overall on Madden 19 and that has not gone down well at all with the Detriot Lions safety. 

In fact, he's so upset, that he tweeted EA, not once, but twice. And Diggs really didn't hold back. 

"Madden full of **** if my rating ain’t a 80," he wrote, before then tweeting again directly to the games official account. 

Of course, Diggs isn't the first NFL player to query his overall on Madden - and he certainly won't be the last. 

In fact, judging by the list of the top 35 players in the game as of this week, there's going to be plenty who will be questioning their ratings. 

As you can see, there are a few strange overalls on that list. Most questionable is perhaps J.J. Watt's 96. Arguably, for a player who hasn't completed a full season in over two years, that's a little high.

On the flipside, the likes of Rob Gronkowski and Le'Veon Bell will be questioning their respective 92 and 93 ratings. 

A number of big names also seem to have missed out on a high rating - with the likes of Von Miller, Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford not even appearing on that list. 


It's important to note though, that these surely won't be the game's final ratings. And especially after Diggs has made quite a scene on social media, expect his to go up. 

Although saying that - the leaked list should give a pretty clear indication of what should be expected come August - but now, it's down to EA to tweak as they see fit. 

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