One UFC star has sent Dana White a warning over the threat of his potential release


The debate over morning and afternoon weigh-in times has been consuming the UFC recently. 

A majority of fighters favour the earlier times - as it allowed them more time to hydrate ahead of fight night - but president Dana White is against them.

He argues that his combatants have been taking advantage of the change and on top of that, more people have been missing their weight, which impacts the bouts. 


White has revealed that the UFC will be returning to later weigh-ins, but it's not clear when, or even if, he'll be able to force that change. 

And according to lightweight Al Iaquinta, there's little chance of that happening anytime soon - because he's very confident they'll continue the way that most fighters want.

"I’m going to weigh-in and then I’m going to start eating,” the "Ragin' Lightweight" said.

“I signed a contract under the assumption we are weighing in in the morning, so we are. There will be no afternoon weigh-in, 100 percent."

That's a pretty strong message to send your boss, but Iaquinta went even further, suggesting that White is out of line for trying to control the weigh-ins. 

UFC 223: Nurmagomedov v Iaquinta

"Dana is out of line, and this is the last straw," he continued.

"They’ve never seen anyone like me. I will do everything in my power to make sure this is done the right way. We are weighing in in the morning."


Now, it's no secret that Al has a bit of beef with White, as the pair have clashed over performance bonuses and contracts in the past. 

UFC 205: Press Conference

Even Iaquinta's recent huge favour of stepping up at the last minute to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for the Lightweight title when the UFC was in trouble, hasn't helped things between them.

In fact, the American has now fired a warning to White, saying he won't "come crying back" to UFC if they were to cut him like they did to Yair Rodriguez.

"That was me saying, ‘I’m not freaking Yair Rodriguez,’” Iaquinta explained, referencing the fact that his fellow fighter was cut, then brought back to the UFC. 

UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez v Penn

“You cut me, I’m not crying and coming back. Dana White has no power over me. That guy has zero power over me.”

Those are pretty strong words from Iaquinta, who clearly isn't going to bow down to what his boss wants. However, this attitude might come back to bite him in the future. 

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