Josh Barnett finally explains the real reason he was released from the UFC roster

UFC president Dana White has made no secret of the fact that he’s unhappy with some members of his roster. 

In fact, he’s gone as far as saying that if his fighters don’t get back in line, he won’t be afraid to cut even more of them. 


A lot of the clashes between White and his performers have been over the timings of their weigh-ins, as the president has been very vocal about changing them back from mornings to the afternoon.

That’s against a majority of his fighters wishes – but it’s not the only thing that’s coming between the two parties. 

White has also made it clear that he only wants the most elite fighters on his roster – and he’s not going to stand for part-timers anymore.  

Although there’s already been a number of cuts made so far this year, expect to see a fair few more in 2018.


Josh Barnett is one of the fighters who has already left UFC this year.

That was revealed on Wednesday – but there was no official information given by the company as to why the former heavyweight champion had been cut.


Interestingly though, Barnett himself released a statement explaining why – and revealed that it was actually him who requested to be released – and there’s one main reason behind his decision. 

“It’s true that I have asked for my release and we are discussing the terms now. Zuffa has been fantastic and above-board since I re-signed with the company,” he said, per Bloody Elbow.

“Every promise made has been kept and I have no disparaging words for them.”

However, even though he has no problem with the UFC, the 40-year-old explained that it’s because of the USADA that he feels it’s best to leave. 


Barnett has just gone through arbitration with the organization, where he attempted to clear his name after being suspended for a failed drugs test in 2016.

His potential four-year ban was reduced to a reprimand – but despite this, “The Warmaster” still feels bitter towards the USADA – citing that as the real reason he’s left the UFC. 

“After everything, I went through with USADA, and my vindication in that case, I don’t feel comfortable giving the control necessary to USADA that would continue my career in the UFC.”

Despite ultimately clearing his name, it seems that Barnett feels that there’s no way back for him in UFC now. But at the age of 40, his career was probably winding down anyway. 

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