Watch: Case Keenum's awesome breakdown of the 'Minnesota Miracle'

NFC Championship - Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles

The Minnesota Miracle will live long in the memory of NFL fans as one of the most iconic plays in history. 

With the Vikings trailing the Saints 24-23 in the dying moments of their NFC Divisional round playoff matchup, Case Keenum combined with Stefon Diggs down the right sideline to create absolute pandemonium inside US Bank Stadium. 

Diggs hauled in Keenum's hopeful pass whilst Saints safety Marcus Williams' over-exuberant tackle attempt left the end-zone beckoning. 

Diggs duly ran the score in whilst Joe Buck delivered one of the game's iconic calls on Fox Sports and the Vikings secured an NFC Championship game spot. 

The play was sensational, and Keenum recently spent some time delving into the X's and O's behind it  which made for fascinating viewing!

In case you've forgotten, here's the brilliance of the 'Minnesota Miracle' in full flow...

Spine tingling stuff!

CBS Denver released the clip of the new Broncos quarterback talking a handful of passionate fans through the play, and both his high football IQ and emotion regarding the play are on full display!

Keenum talked about the play call, what the different terminology means to him and his offense and revealed an insight into his mindset in the situation. 

In such a desperate moment, the defense knows he would have to drop back and pass and that isn't such a great spot to be in as Keenum explains. 

"...Defensive ends, Cameron Jordan [and] those guys know it's a pass so they're just trying to rush as fast as they can. " he said. 

The Vikings protection held up though and that's where their elite receiving duo of Adam Thielen and Diggs came into play. 

The former undrafted free agent revealed that he actually would've preferred to throw to Thielen in the slot on the play, but couldn't because of the blanket coverage the Saints had on him. 

"I really wanted to throw to him but he was covered up....I remember calling the play and being like guys I'm just gonna give one of you a chance". Keenum added. 

"It was really crazy I snapped the ball, I knew i wasn't going here [to Thielen], I looked at Jarius [Wright] his defender covered him, I looked at Kyle [Rudolph] his was on him, then I saw the rookie safety he was deep and so Stefon just flattened that angle a little bit and I took an extra little hitch and just threw it toward the sideline". 

"I knew the ball was right where I wanted to put it but I couldn't see where Stefon was and all of a sudden I see Stefon's hands with these white gloves coming out of nowhere and he catches it. I've been in some loud was the loudest I've ever heard.". 

Keenum explained that he expected, and wanted, Diggs to get out of bounds but after seeing Williams overshoot him realised that he was going to run it in for an incredible score. 

"That loudness got even louder at that point" he said. "It was unbelievable and I remember running around and we didn't even know what to say we were just yelling. It was an unbelievable moment and I still don't believe it sometimes." 

The play was certainly unforgettable, and hearing some awesome insight from the man who orchestrated it is a rare opportunity to get inside the head of a QB in his finest moment in the NFL that should be greatly appreciated. 

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