Johnny Manziel's CFL coach gives NFL teams some advice about his future

Hamilton Tiger-Cats v Calgary Stampeders

Johnny Manziel's time in the CFL is clearly doing him some good. 

The former Browns QB joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats this season, and he's already making a big impression on head coach June Jones. 

So much so, that Jones thinks an NFL return should definitely be on the cards for his enigmatic signal caller in the near future. 

Though Manziel didn't feature in the TiCats opening game of the season, he did impress in significant game time in week two and certainly seems to on an upward trajectory both on and off the field. 

Speaking to ESPN, Jones  complimented the former Heisman Trophy winner's intelligence and humble nature since he's been in Canada and suggested that he should be playing in the NFL. 

"I've been pleasantly surprised the last three weeks what a good teammate he is, how smart he is, how he sees the game,'' Jones said of Manziel. "He should be playing in the National Football League, and I believe he will when he gets through with us.''

Manziel's off field struggles with drugs and alcohol have forced to him seek other opportunities to resurrect his footballing career, and though Jones knows it will take some time before the NFL fraternity is ready to let him back in, he believes Manziel is good enough to do just that. 

"It'll take two years,'' the TiCats head coach said. "They're [NFL executives, coaches] waiting to see that he's taken care of his off-the-field problems.''

He is doing just that though and he's coming into work and being a good teammate who doesn't cause any problems according to Jones, who showered praise on the former Texas A&M star for his attitude and approach to everyone around him. 

"He's humble,'' he said. "He's growing up every day.''

Humble is not a word many would've used to describe Manziel amidst his rise to stardom in College Station, and it's probably the biggest sign of the huge turnaround he's made in his life that his new coach is prepared to say that of him in a public setting. 

There's never been a doubt that Manziel can play, he's electric on the field, but his attitude and personality will continue to be questioned until he can consistently prove that he's willing to just be another guy and come in every day to work his tail off for the good of a team. 

If things keep going as they are though, it won't be too long before we see Johnny Football slinging it and making eye catching plays in the NFL again though. 

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