Marvin Bagley III explains that rapping is his way to express himself

One day before the 2018 NBA Draft, Marvin Bagley III released his mixtape entitled “Don’t Blink”.

The next day, the Sacramento Kings called his name with the second overall pick.

Therefore, it’s been an eventful week for him. 

Not only did the former Duke University star fulfill his dream in becoming an NBA player, but he also showed the world that he is a skilled rapper.

Joining other NBA players like Damian Lillard and Iman Shumpert, Bagley proved that he’s not only an artist on the basketball court, but also one off of it.

Music clearly has a special place in Bagley’s heart and he isn’t afraid to admit it.

“You have people who like to draw, who do yoga, run, jog and just do different things,” said the Kings rookie forward, per Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee. “I think music is my way of showing people a different side of me, telling my story, how I got to this position that I’m in. Just showing the people in the world a different side of me.”

Surrounded by support

He has the support of Kings general manager Vlade Divac.

“We love it, we like to support and try to find a way we can help,” said Divac.

“We support that kind of stuff,” Divac added. “Obviously we like them to know (basketball) is the priority but everything else, the talents they have, they can explore. Even the Kings Academy, we set that up for those things, so they can learn stuff during their career.”

Bagley credits his father for helping him develop a passion for music.

“I think that’s where I kind of started to love music and just listen to all the rappers and all the things he’d play in the car,” Bagley noted. “I’d be in the back just nodding my head listening to everything, Jay-Z, Nas, 2Pac, rappers like that that helped get rap to where it is today. So I’m definitely going to continue to listen to those and study the music and study hip-hop.”

Moving forward, expect more mixtapes from the big man.

“Absolutely, it’s definitely something that kind of gets my mind off of things and helps me regroup when I need to,” Bagley said. “I’m looking forward to making new music and showing people another side of me.”

It will be interesting to see when Bagley releases some new music and if he will ever collaborate with anyone else. 

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