WWE Raw Results: Crazy tag teams form for one night


Seth Rollins was promised a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship tonight in San Diego.

Dolph Ziggler shocked the WWE Universe by defeating The Kingslayer last week on Raw and we also saw Bayley and Sasha Banks renew their rivalry.

Tonight, more superstars could have the opportunity to qualify for the number one contenders match being held at Extreme Rules for the chance to face Brock Lesnar.


After some early verbal sparring, Reigns and Lashley were made aware that the multi-man match at Extreme Rules was canceled due to Brock Lesnar's contract situation.

Reigns said that Lashley was past it and challenged him to a match tonight in San Diego but GM Kurt Angle said he will consider it for next month's pay-per-view. Constable Corbin was on hand to set the match between The Revival and Reigns with Lashley as The Top Guys made their way to the ring in a challenge for The Big Dog and The Dominator.

Bobby Lashley received some punishment due to some good tag team moves by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder but Roman Reigns got the hot tag and dealt severe damage to The Revival's hopes of victory. A double drive-by before the ad break meant he retained control of the match.

Later in the match, Bobby Lashley got the hot tag and dominated before Roman Reigns tagged himself back into the match. A superman punch, a spear and slight lapse in concentration later, Dash Wilder was the legal man and managed to roll up Roman Reigns for the win. The Revival gets a shock win, their first on Raw since the beginning of May.

Rating - 7/10 

The verbals before this match dragged on too long with Reigns and Lashley as the crowd began to heckle both of the supposed babyfaces. Only when Kurt Angle made the match-up between Reigns, Lashley and The Revival was the crowd truly happy. The match itself was good, as I think The Revival are severely underrated as a team. They worked well and it was proven in the result, as they pulled out the biggest upset since Ziggler beat Rollins last week.


The Deleters of Worlds decided to put one half of their tag team championship holding team in the ring with Curtis Axel just three weeks ahead of the title match.

Axel was put onto the top rope and Hardy went for the Superplex and slipped off the rope as Axel fell with him, making it into a crossbody. Axel picked up a quick win and gained some momentum ahead of the title shot.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt applauded Axel for his initiative in the ring after the match.

Rating - 4/10

There was nothing in the match, but it does give The B Team something else and continues their win streak. It may come to an end fairly soon. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt keep repeating their clap, which was funny at first but is now stale.


Did they really stand a chance? Akam and Rezar have not been witnessed on television for several weeks but they absolutely destroyed this jobber team, ending with The Last Chapter. Titus Worldwide came out for the save when Authors of Pain decided to go to town on poor Rich and Rex. No conflict occurred as Akam and Rezar saved it for another day.

Rating - 3/10

There was nothing to note except that we may see Titus Worldwide vs Authors of Pain in the future. The WWE Universe can't wait.


Bliss, accompanied by Mickie James, headed straight for the ring and bragged about being the champion yet again. This time, whilst Ronda Rousey was serving her suspension and Nia Jax was nursing her arm injury, Natalya entered to silence Bliss. She didn't come alone though, as Jax made a surprise appearance to accompany The Queen of Harts.

Natalya was injured early in the match as Alexa threw her into the barricade and dominated with submission holds although a Michinoku Driver gave Natalya control. Nia Jax pulled the legs of Bliss from underneath Bliss, leading to Natalya hitting the discus lariat and then a sharpshooter was locked in and the champion tapped out.

Rating - 6/10

A good short match from Bliss and Natalya, with the presence of Jax good too to begin the build to their next match. Bliss was excellent as per usual on the microphone and is truly at the top of this division.


Despite falling out last week, Sasha Banks and Bayley teamed up tonight upon the request of Kurt Angle. The Riott Squad prepared for the match by breaking a camera that was photographing Jinder Mahal.

Ember took control for her team early on, performing her excellent suicide dive to the outside. 

After some back and forths, Sasha was distracted and got rolled into a small package by Ruby Riott for a quick victory. After the pinfall was counted, Bayley jumped into the ring and attacked her former best friend viciously. 

She threw her into the ring post, then the floor and then into the steel steps. A brutal assault met by a massive cheer from Bayley's hometown crowd.

Rating - 7/10

The match was not really relevant as it all led to the post-match antics. Bayley suffered the loss last week and this week, Sasha got pinned and Bayley was quick to vent her frustrations. This side to Bayley was refreshing and really good to see as many had thought she had been booked poorly in recent months. It will be interesting to see how long they let this feud burn. Sasha isn't as believable as the babyface in peril so we may see her retaliate soon.


A rematch from last week where Rawley picked up an easy win, Jose looked to inflict revenge.

Rawley cut a pre-match promo saying Jose had no earned the right to walk down a WWE ramp with a conga line. He insulted one of Jose's line, a cheeseburger man called Todd who was over with the crowd in seconds. He then said that Jose was not getting his rematch.

Mojo sucker punched Jose on the outside before walking up the ramp.

Rating - 1/10

No match, no fun. Rawley's promo seemed so scripted, he couldn't interact with the crowd at all when they began putting Todd over. One punch and the segment was done. 


A strange mixture of superstars here as Strowman and Owens team up after previously fighting at Money in the Bank and last week. They faced Braun's buddy Balor and Constable Corbin, another face/heel team.

Corbin tagged himself straight into the match and battled against Owens in the early stages. Strowman got into the ring and took a few blows from Corbin before going to work. Strowman and Owens hit syncronized splashes/cannonballs on Balor and Corbin respectively as they began to look like a solid forming.

After Braun flew around the ring, knocking Balor and Corbin off their feet, Owens did a turn and got hit by a lariat. Corbin and Balor's tensions rose to the top of the cooking pot as they began to tag in and out freely. In the end, they began brawling up the ramp, giving Owens and Strowman a count-out victory. 

After the match, Owens was happy and offered Strowman a hand, but Strowman declined and chased Owens backstage. He asked a staff member where the guy with a bowling ball under his shirt was, the naive member wasn't a WWE fan and had no idea Owens was hiding in the room next to him.

Eventually, Braun got his hands on Owens' car keys and flipped his car, hoping KO had insurance.

Rating - 8/10

A fun segment as the tag teams were all over the place and it created good humour. I'd love to see Owens and Strowman work together more as that can be extremely entertaining. Balor and Corbin look destined for a feud and could even have a match at Extreme Rules if the multi-man match doesn't occur. The in-ring work between these four was always going to be good, and it did not disappoint. 


Rollins got his rematch just one week after losing the title to Dolph Ziggler and it was for the prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

Rollins began with holds to try and wear down the champion but Ziggler pushed the rules to their limit to gain an advantage. An amazing drop kick and throw into the barrier gave Rollins the edge but after the break, Ziggler was back in control.

Both men got weary as time moved on - Ziggler sold hard on a brutal Irish Whip and Rollins was grounded by some good fast offence to catch The Kingslayer off-guard. Drew McIntyre, Ziggler's recent ally, was sent to the back but not before Seth Rollins could fly through the ropes at both McIntyre and Ziggler as the match started to heat up.

Rollins hit his signature Ripcord Knee and got a close two-count before Ziggler got his foot on the bottom rope. Rollins just beat a ten-count from the referee to get back into the ring later on, before hitting a big buckle bomb and superkick - the crowd gasped loud when Rollins failed to get the pinfall after that move sequence.

Near falls continued as the San Diego crowd could hardly catch their breath between gasping and cheering. Eventually, McIntyre came back to the ring and dragged the referee out of the ring when he began to count a pinfall. The Scotsman then attacked Ziggler before Roman Reigns came out and evened the odds. 

Rating - 8/10

A really brilliant match on Raw between two of the best workers. The near falls at the end fooled everybody in the crowd and watching at home. They both put in 110% and the addition of Drew created a new dynamic. It was a shame to see it end by disqualification but it protects Rollins, who could not possibly lose twice in two weeks to Ziggler. A brilliant way to end this weeks Raw. 

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