Jalen Ramsey explains why he thinks one player shouldn't be in the NFL's Top 100

The NFL Top 100 is always an interesting watch – and this year has been no different. 

The list is ranked by the pro-footballers themselves, as they pick who they think are the best players in the league.

2018 TOP 100

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tom Brady has ranked at number one again in 2018, repeating his success of last year. 

Despite not winning back-to-back Super Bowls, his fellow professionals clearly respect what the quarterback achieved last season. 

TB12 was followed closely by the likes of Antonio Brown, Carson Wentz, Julio Jones and 
Le’Veon Bell, who made up the top five. 

There were not too many shocks on the list – and no one can really argue that those in the top five don’t deserve to be there. 

However, Jalen Ramsey, who was ranked himself at number 17 – had a bone to pick with another quarterback’s ranking. 


Interestingly, the player who Ramsey thinks shouldn’t be on the list will know Brady very well – because until November last year, he was playing back up in New England.

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Ramsey has argued that Jimmy Garoppolo, who was ranked at number 90, shouldn’t have been on the list at all. 

In fact, he went as far as saying that his fellow professionals made a mistake voting him in the top 100. 


And he’s explained exactly why he thinks this, even after the Jaguars were beaten by Garoppolo’s San Francisco 49ers in 2017. 

“What did he play, five games? He has good potential, I think he’ll be a good player, but my experience in playing him, it was a lot of scheme stuff,” Ramsey said, per NBC Sports.

“It wasn’t like he was just dicing us up.”

The vocal CB also thinks he knows why Garoppolo was able to take the 49ers from 1-10 to 5-0 – and it’s not to do with his ability. 

“Nobody got to scheme on him this year. There was not a lot of film on him,” Ramsey argued. 

It’s an interesting suggestion, that’s for sure, but maybe the Jacksonville star is still bitter about his team’s loss to Garoppolo and co. 


When the two met on Christmas Eve, there was very little riding on the game – as the Jaguars had clinched the AFC South hours before they played. 

Jacksonville clearly lost their cool, allowing Garoppolo to throw for 242 yards and two touchdowns, as well as score a rushing TD in the 49ers 44-33 win.

Ramsey clearly hasn’t forgotten that game – and clearly holds a grudge over the QBs place in the top 100. 

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