GiveMeSport presents; The 2018 NBA Manifesto

Today, GiveMeSport (via me, Mark Deeks, the guy who wrote it) presents the 2018 NBA Manifesto.

The 2018 NBA Manifesto is 870 pages and about 400,000 words on the NBA as of today. It contains reviews, strategies, ideas. And here at GiveMeSport, we present it to you today, for free. No paywall.

This document contains reviews, strategy, assessments, ideas and plans for every NBA team and every NBA player. It seeks to

1) Look at the assets a team has to work with.
2) Look at what it already has.
3) Look at what it needs to address.
4) Lay out conceptual strategy for it all.
5) Discuss without preaching.

It does this 30 times for 30 teams. All in all, it gets quite big.

This is a PDF file, and a live document. The links are navigable. Download it at the link below, and do please share it to all other NBA fans.

Thank you!

– Mark

Download the 2018 NBA Manifesto

The 2018 NBA Manifesto is the result of months of work by Mark Deeks, both on personal and professional time. We at GiveMeSport are proud to support his in-depth look at NBA front-office strategy.

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