Kyrie Irving says LeBron James is not at the same level as Michael Jordan

The Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate is an endless topic in NBA circles and the comparisons between the two are never likely to end. 

We’ll certainly hear it rumble on for the rest of LBJ’s career in the league as he continues to rack up the milestones. 

With every historic feat he notches, it gives everybody an excuse to put him in the GOAT conversation and ask how he matches up to Jordan. 

When he comes up short – like being swept in the NBA Finals recently – it’s held against him in the never-ending debate. 


It can become quite stale and repetitive for NBA fans to endure, so it’s no surprise that players feel the same way too. 

Kyrie Irving, LeBron’ former teammate in Cleveland, provided his take on the topic and how he reacts to it. 

“All those comparisons are fun to talk about. It’s how intense it gets,” Irving told Hot 97, via Yahoo Sports.

“I hope that some individuals see, when they’re watching the games, just the appreciation for what’s happening.

“Like if someone is playing extremely well, and it’s just like comparisons… Shout out to my man [Boston head coach] Brad Stevens on this.

“He told me, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’ And that right there was one of the most profound things I’ve ever heard.”

But when pressed on the subject a little further and was asked if James is better than MJ, Irving simply replied “nah”.

“No. No, I would say that he’s on his own lane, man,” he added.

Having spent three seasons with the King and won a championship with him, it would’ve been easy for Kyrie to put the Cavs superstar in the same bracket as Jordan but he chose to give an honest opinion and speak his mind.

Who knows, these comments by the Boston Celtics point guard may stir up the argument again in some quarters. 

Weighing it up

But in truth, his words were not controversial at all as Jordan is widely considered as the greatest player in NBA history. 

Having won six championships in six finals appearances, compared to LeBron’s 3-6 record, it’s no surprise that many feel the Hall of Famer is still above James. 

While others can spend their time comparing the two, the Cleveland star is busy focusing on his future and how he can compete for more championships.

The Akron native opted out of his contract with the Cavaliers on Friday and will officially become a free agent on Sunday. 

He’s being aggressively courted by the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets. The possibility of remaining with the Cavs is also not out of the question. 

We should hopefully discover what the future holds for the best player in the league in the coming days. 

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