Cris Cyborg reveals the real reason she never fought Ronda Rousey in UFC


Ronda Rousey is in the process of making a very successful shift from UFC to WWE. 

It's not a path that many before her have been able to take, so she should be respected for taking that chance. 


In the pro-wrestling world, Rousey's gimmick is that she's the most dangerous woman on the planet - obviously, playing up to her success in MMA.

She's got one of the most protected finishers in the company today, a devastating Armbar. Every time she's locked it in, her opponent has tapped out instantly. 

Rousey has already taken the WWE world by storm - and been praised by many of her female colleagues for doing so. 

But this is nothing new for her. Because before switching to wrestling, she was the biggest female draw in UFC. 


"Rowdy" was the first woman to sign with UFC back in 2012 and established herself as a fighter that could finish bouts very quickly. 


She was the Women's Bantamweight Champion for three years until she was beaten by Holly Holm in 2015. 

During her time as champion, Rousey took on almost every challenger - but there was one super fight that never happened. 


Before she moved to WWE, UFC fans were hoping to see Rousey vs Cris Cyborg happen one day. However, it would have been tough due to the weight difference between the pair.


Cyborg is around 10 lbs heavier than Rousey and that was often quoted as the reason the fight never happened. 

But Cyborg believes there's more to the situation than that - and has actually claimed that she knows the real reason why Rousey never wanted to step in the Octagon with her. 


According to the current UFC star, Rousey didn't want the fight to happen because she was actually scared of Cyborg.  


In fact, she claims that Rousey just used her to build up a name and reputation for herself. 

"She didn’t do the fight that a lot of fans would have liked to watch," Cyborg explained, per The Ring Report.

"I think she just used my name to grow her name. Before she was the UFC champion, I was already champion and I think she just used this.


"And when you see her fight Holly [Holm] and Amanda [Nunes], you see why she ran from me. She didn’t want to fight me, for sure."

Even though Cyborg is calling Rousey out with some pretty strong words, they're unlikely to phase the WWE star. 

Rousey's moved on from UFC now and it's not clear if she'll ever return. Still, though, a fight between the pair would have been epic to witness.  

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