Pele reacted very differently to Neymar after being stamped on at the 1970 World Cup


The 2018 World Cup in Russia has massively exceeded expectations so far.

Eight nations now remain after some thrilling knock-out ties whittled the field down from 16.

However, the introduction of VAR has failed to stop the play-acting and Brazil's Neymar has received plenty of criticism.

After being knocked out by Brazil, Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio accused Neymar of spoiling the game with his theatrics after Miguel Layun stamped on him.

“We did control the game mostly but we wasted a lot of time because of one single player,” Osorio said, as per The Times.

“That is a real shame for football. My players got more and more tired of that situation. There was one four-minute stoppage.

"It’s a man’s sport, so there should not be so much acting and that had an impact on our pace.”

Pele stamped on in 1970 

Brazil's all-time record goalscorer, Pele, won the World Cup on three separate occasions.

In the 1970 World Cup, Pele received a stamp from a Uruguayan player but his reaction was very different to that of Neymar.

Minutes after being stamped on, Pele ferociously elbowed his opponent in the face and, incredibly, he actually won a free-kick for it.

Make sure to watch the final replay to see exactly what Pele did.

Absolutely savage.

It was a time before VAR.

Neymar must not try and copy the Brazilian footballing great. There are cameras everywhere and there's zero chance he would get away with it.


Another Brazilian footballing legend, Ronaldo, defended Neymar's theatrics after the favourites reached the quarter-finals.

"We have to be more technical in our comments and not like punters in a bar," Ronaldo said during an event in Moscow on Wednesday, as per Xinhuanet.

"Football is interpreted in many different ways and there are many opinions. Neymar uses his mobility to defend himself from the bumps and hits that are dished out to him.


"The referees have given him little protection. He is a great talent. When I was repeatedly targeted with violent actions I felt that I was treated unjustly.

"The criticism is stupid and the response that he is providing for the national team is marvellous.

"We still haven't seen the best of him."

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