Choi Ho-sung has become an internet sensation because of his swing technique

Choi Ho-Sung. Golfing Maverick

For some of us, who've tried to hit a little white ball around a golf course, it can be a very unfulfilling waste of three or four hours.

The etiquette can be a little stifling. The technique to ensure you move ball and not clods of turf, challenging.

The depleting reserve of spare balls, frustrating. Some days you probably feel you can throw the ball further than hit it.

So, it is with great pleasure that the style and talents of South Korean professional golfer Choi Ho-sung have been posted to great ovation on social media.

Because he's seemingly taken the rules of etiquette surrounding one of the world's most popular sports and thrown them out the window.

Choi Ho-sung plies his trade on the Korean and OneAsia pro circuits and has had, if not a stellar career, a very consistent one.

The 44-year old has won just three professional tournaments since turning professional, but he has a fan-base, due largely to his idiosyncratic follow-through.

He addresses the ball, lines it up and swings through the line like any good pro golfer should, but his follow-through is a combination of ballet's pirouette cum jeté - a swivel and leap to the left.

His technique delights fans, but scribes following the game are less impressed, with the Sun's Dave Fraser calling his technique 'ridiculous'.

However, last weekend he was very close to winning the Korean Open until a disastrous final round saw him surrender the opportunity of glory, eventually finishing fifth.

The eclectic mix of pro golf and vaudevillian entertainer was eight shots clear after the third round before tumbling down the leaderboard with a final round of 3-over par.

His supporters, however, still love the maverick golfer, with one fan posting on Twitter: "Hosung Choi is my new favourite golfer."

Another posted: "Hosung Choi has to have the single weirdest post-shot action in golf. His motion is like Happy Gilmore in reverse, and he does it almost every time!"

Just look at this still image of his swing below.

Other tweets of support followed a similar thread with: "This Hosung Choi guy is a beaut!!!," and a final comment almost wanting him to don a cape: "Hosung Choi is the hero we need right now."

His popularity is such that a petition was started to try and persuade the PGA to invite him to play in the 2018 Open Championship, though Donald Trump would probably have more chance of having those rules bent.

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