Fernando Alonso reveals why Formula One's new points proposal is a bad move

  • Jack Figg

Fernando Alonso revealed he is not a fan of the new change in the points system that was proposed.

During the British Grand Prix weekend, a proposal to expand the points paying positions from the top 10 to the top 15 cars had been tabled, as the idea was discussed in the latest strategy group meeting.

Alonso, who currently stands in eighth place in the F1 standings, cited more points positions may seem like good news for the smaller teams and drivers, but it actually may actually be the opposite.

“The leading drivers always get points and so it can be a great moment if you get two points,” he told Germany’s sport.de.

“I remember when Jules (Bianchi) was ninth in Monaco and scored points and it was like a miracle and a great moment for the sport.”

Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya said a group meeting had included a discussion on extending points to 15th or 20th position.

“They’re considering whether the points system should go all the way down to 20th place, [meaning] every car scores a point if they finished the race,” Mallya told media at Silverstone.

“The bottom starts with one point and goes up.” he said.

“Or whether 10th should be extended down to 15th.”

Formula One’s points system has been altered many times since the championship’s birth in 1950.

Initially, only the top five drivers scored points with a win gaining eight points, and a point was awarded for setting the fastest lap during a race.

In the most recent change brought about in 2010, the top 10 drivers have scored points in every race, with a win now being worth 25 points, and the point for fastest lap had since been dropped.

Mallya pointed out that the teams have to pay a fee to the FIA based on how many points they score.

“My comment was the fact that considering we have to pay for every point to the FIA that will have to be looked at in parallel.”

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