Fiat workers set to strike in Italy over ‘unacceptable’ Cristiano Ronaldo transfer to Juventus


There's no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo's £100m move to Juventus from Real Madrid has rocked the world of football.

Juve suddenly have the reigning Ballon d'Or winner and one of the greatest players of all-time and, while they've certainly had legendary players before, the Italians have never gone out and bought one.

The likes of Michel Platini and Zinedine Zidane were great players when they first arrived in Turin but had developed at Juve before becoming arguably the best in the world.

Ronaldo is something new, however, with the fee being paid for a 33-year-old demonstrating just how incredible this deal is.

Juve's new number seven is one of the two biggest stars in football - and arguably the biggest - and just news of his potential arrival was enough to see Juventus's stocks soar.

Andrea Agnelli, the chairman of Juventus, flew out to Greece personally in order to meet Ronaldo and finalise the historic deal.

But while Juve fans may be delirious with the actions of their club chairman, the Agnelli family have come under fire elsewhere.

The Agnelli name has been synonymous with Juventus for nearly a century and the family is one of the richest and most powerful in Italy due to founding and owning the country's largest manufacturer - FIAT.

And that's how Juve have been able to afford Ronaldo's transfer, thanks to huge investment from the Agnelli family to fund it. That hasn't, however, gone down well with workers at FIAT.


The workers at one FIAT plant are set to strike from Sunday until Tuesday, the BBC reports, with the USB union citing the need to invest in the futures of the thousands of workers and their families "rather than enriching only one".

The union also mentions "huge economic sacrifices" being made by workers at the same time €112m is being spent on Ronaldo.

This is only one union at one of the seven FIAT plants in Italy but it still underlines the absurdity of the deal.

While it can't be denied that Ronaldo will be a phenomenal investment for Juve and almost certainly well worth the money financially, you can't blame workers at FIAT for believing some perspective has been lost.

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