Carolina Panthers’ OC attempting cut down on Cam Newton’s peaks and valleys

Wild Card Round - Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

The Carolina Panthers understand what they have in Cam Newton as their starting quarterback.

Newton is an interesting guy both on and off the field. He has his supporters but also doubters and that is a problem for him as he is known to speak his mind both to the media and negative fans.

On the field, he is one of the better QBs in the NFL (National Football League) but also has his ups and downs.

Each and every Sunday, you never really know what you are getting out of him as some games he is right on the money with both his throws and decisions but other weeks, he makes not only fans and the media but his team and coaches shake their heads at what he does on a football field.

He made his name known while playing for Auburn and was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft.

As a result, he became the only player in this era to be awarded the Heisman, a national title in college and be picked first overall in an NFL draft in one year. Pretty impressive.

Once he made the transition from college to the pros, he impressed people with his playing ability as he was the 2011 NFL Rookie of the Year and would later become a three-time Pro Bowl player as well as earn the right to be called the MVP of the NFL in 2015.

In his first year, he broke a rookie record by breaking all-time NFL rookie records for passing and rushing yards.

2015 has been the best year in Newton’s career as he became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for at least 30 touchdowns and rush for 10 in the same season while taking his team all the way to the biggest game of the NFL season, the SuperBowl where he would lead his team to a 15-1 record and a trip to the 50 anniversary of the SuperBowl.

Going into this game, many people thought that the Panthers would beat down the Denver Broncos, who were led by then-QB Peyton Manning but that was not the case as the Broncos ended up winning the game and giving Manning a proper send off.

The offensive coordinator for the Panthers Norv Turner recently did an interview where he went on record by stating that he hopes to eliminate the peaks and valleys that Newton creates for himself.

“But the one thing that I think when you look at it that we’re going to work hard to help him is, he has a large number of games where his quarterback rating is as high as anyone’s is,” Turner said on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and Bill Polian (transcript courtesy of Pro Football Talk). “It’s in the high 90s, low 100s. But in the middle of that, of a 16-game season, he has four or five games where that rating is not very good. And that, obviously, makes your average not as good as you’d like. So what we’re going to try to work hard for is eliminate the peaks and the valleys and try to, on a weekly basis, make it more consistent. And I think that’ll help us, offensively, be more consistent and certainly will help him.”

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