Ian Poulter involved in marshal controversy at the Scottish Open

Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open - Day Three

Ian Poulter has denied he abused a marshal at the Scottish Open during his third round on Saturday, after it appeared he shouted various expletives towards the marshal.

Quintin Jardine, a Scottish crimewriter who was helping out at the tournament, refused to venture into a bush to help Poulter find his ball on the first hole, and it's clear that the golfer wasn't happy about it.

Jardine was naturally very unhappy at having recieved such abuse following his decision not to help.

Jardine wrote to event organisers and said: "I wasn't expecting thanks, but I wasn't expecting aggression either.

"Industrial language doesn't bother me, but truculent aggression does. Marshals are instructed in their briefing not to speak to players, unless spoken to."

Jardine went further and said: "I would like him to be reminded that, even though most of the world knows you're an a******e, there's no need to go proving it to the rest."

Poulter, though, has denied that he was insulting the marshal and abusing him, and said: "I was angry with myself and might have said a few expletives at myself up there."

He believes that the expletives aimed for himself, the Marshall took personally and decided that they were for him instead.

Poulter has said that the incident was all a complete misunderstanding and that the marshals are there to help them out. 

Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open - Day Two

He also stated he was explaining the rule that meant he could not go into the bush in case he stood on it and then he was penalised, whereas if the marshal did, the ball could be replaced without penalty.

Jardine had apparently responded with, "It's in there somewhere - I didn't want to step on it."

Poulter also states that he may have abused a marshal when he was younger, but does not do anything like that in his adult years.

Either way, it's not exactly how you want your tournament to be remembered.

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