NFL fans can't believe how one of Tom Brady's Madden 19 stats is higher than Nick Foles


As the last real-life NFL game was played way back in February, many fans have turned to Madden to get their football fix.

In fact, lots are now looking forward to EA's next annual game - which drops in less than a month. 


Ahead of the title's release in August, the developer has been teasing fans with a number of features that they're sure to get excited over. 

Madden 19 brings impressive changes, including real player motions, interactive touchdown celebrations, improvements to ultimate team and the next chapter of Longshot. 

All of those were announced a while ago, but more recently, EA Sports have revealed the all-important player ratings. 


Announcements like these are usually the most exciting for NFL and Madden fans - as they get to see how good their favourite footballers will be in this year's game.

In 2019, seven stars will stand out from the rest - as they've been awarded the highest rating of 99 from the very first day. 

Those players are Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Von Miller, Luke Kuechly, Aaron Donald and Antonio Brown. 


Now, it's hard to argue with any of those ratings - they're the NFL's crop of elite players and deserve to be the best in the game from release.

Interestingly though, there's something that a number of Madden fans have noticed about a certain quarterback's stats. 


Although Brady's overall rating hasn't been disputed, some fans have noticed something very strange about one of his stats in particular. 


The New England Patriots star has a catch rating of 39. Now, that's pretty low - which is understandable, considering he's a QB.

But his rating of 39 is still higher than rival Nick Foles, who himself has a rating of just 32. 


That makes absolutely no sense, considering the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback made one of the most famous catches in NFL history during Super Bowl 52.


On fourth-and-goal in the closing moments of the first half of February's game, Philadelphia ran a trick play to get into the end zone.

The ball was snapped to running back Corey Clement, not Foles. He pitched it to Trey Burton who then threw to his completely open QB for the touchdown.  


It was the most important catch Foles will ever make, so you'd think he'd be rewarded for it with a higher rating than Brady, who missed a catch himself in Super Bowl 52. 

Unsurprisingly, NFL fans have voiced their confusion over this clear injustice. Even the Eagles official Twitter account got involved. 

Thankfully, after that response, EA suggested that they will be upgrading Foles and his catching.

Phew. Glad we sorted that out.   

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