Comedian Conor Moore performs impressions of some of the world's best golfers


Ahead of the 2018 Open Championship, comedian Conor Moore has taken to Twitter to showcase some impressions of the world's best and most recognisable golfers in a hilarious two-minute clip.

In the video, Moore exaggerates some of the personality traits we have been accustomed to seeing from the likes of Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and a crying Bubba Watson, which is in reference to when he won the Masters and wrapped the famous green jacket around his new son. 

We see the current world number 20, Phil Mickelson, reading a rule book after his infamous 'moving ball shot' which landed him in hot water with fans and officials at the US Open earlier this year.

Another amusing sketch involved current world number one, Dustin Johnson, as Moore starts off by saying how "excited he is to be back in the UK" then going on to tell the interviewer how difficult it is getting accustomed to the new climate, type of golf, and funniest of all, the new language he has had to learn.

One to particularly look out for is the 'interview' of Tommy Fleetwood, as Conor Moore brings a lot of attention to the Englishman's flamboyant hairstyle.

We see the world number 10 get told he is 'looking really good coming into the open', Fleetwood takes this opportunity to talk about his daily routine for cleaning his hair, and how he feels in great shape. 

Conor Moore goes on to show a very stern Tiger Woods, who is well known for giving short, to the point answers in interviews, gets asked to elaborate on his point, only to repeat his previous answer. 

Golfers including Ian Poulter, who featured in the video, were quick to congratulate the comedian on his uncanny knack for impersonating some of the sport's best.

Watch out for their post-round interviews later this week to confirm just how good Moore's efforts were. 

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