Fellow UFC heavyweight defends Daniel Cormier's 'strange' decision to call out Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier have dominated the headlines in UFC ever since they clashed earlier this month. 

Following his win against Stipe Miocic, where he captured the heavyweight title, DC jumped on the mic to call out The Beast. 


Cormier was fully aware that Lesnar was watching his fight cageside, so demanded that the current WWE Universal Champion join him in the Octagon. 

He did just that - as the pair went back and forth in a pro-wrestling style segment. 

It began with Brock shooting his mouth off in response to Cormier before a shoving match ensued and he was escorted out of the ring. 

In the aftermath, UFC president Dana White pretty much confirmed that he'll be making a super fight for as early as January 2019.  


Now, Cormier and Lesnar's actions have seemingly split the MMA world in half.

Some fans actually loved the hype that the pair have caused by doing something a little different post-fight, while others have accused their beef of being fake. 

UFC 226:  Miocic v Cormier

Even fellow fighter Nick Diaz got involved and blasted DC, calling him an "embarrassment" to the sport. It's a view that many of his rivals share.

But, there's one heavyweight who appears to get it - and has actually come out to defend Cormier's decision to fight Lesnar next.


Former UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, has recently made an appearance on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show.


He did admit that Cormier's decision to challenge Lesnar was a strange one, but he completely understands why it happened.  

"Man that’s weird because he wasn’t competing," Cigano said on the show, per MMA Mania.

"But we have to see this fact: Cormier won the heavyweight title and now he is the champion of two divisions. And he was the guy who invited Brock Lesnar to step in the cage.

UFC 226:  Miocic v Cormier

"So the two-division champion invites you to the cage, almost challenging you... it was kind of strange. But I understand Daniel Cormier," JDS continued, admitting he'd do the same.


"If I was in his shoes I probably would do the same. Somehow people love to see Brock Lesnar fight. People love to see that huge guy and they pay for it.

"So that’s why UFC wants to do that kind of fight, people want to see it. So I am understanding more what’s happening in this scenario." 

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Dos Santos has nailed it. He knows exactly why Cormier and the UFC want this fight to happen. It's for the money.

That's something that the other MMA fighters who are criticising DC don't seem to get right now.  

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