Terrell Owens hits out at the New England Patriots in new rant and calls the team cheaters


Terrell Owens has caused an awful lot of controversy throughout the offseason. 

In fact, it's pretty fair to say he's been the talk of the league.

There's no doubt he's one of the best wide receivers to ever play in the NFL - and after a couple of snubs, he'll be entering the Hall of Fame in 2018.

That's actually what's causing most of the talk around T.O.  


Owens has decided against attending his own HoF enshrinement ceremony in August - hitting back against the league for overlooking him until now. 

His actions have caused a huge stir around the NFL - with former players, fans and analysts all criticising his decision. 

Don't expect that story to go anywhere soon - because as we build closer to the 2018 festival, Owens will be dominating the headlines.

And this week, he's been in the news again - but this time, it's got nothing to do with the Hall of Fame. 



T.O. was recently seen playing basketball with former NBA star Sam Cassell. 

During their game, the pair decided to have a trash talking session - and Owens opened up on his opponent, calling him a cheater. 

Now, that's all fun and games, but it seems the former NFL star took things a step further - by launching a tirade against the New England Patriots, likening Cassell to the team. 

New York Jets v New England Patriots

"You sound like the Patriots, you know what I mean?" he shouted in a video posted on his personal Instagram account.

"I don't care about the Patriots. [Bill] Belichick, [Tom] Brady - they cheaters. They cheated. They cheated."

Damn, it seems that T.O. wasn't happy with how Cassell was acting - and it all stems back to the beef he has with New England.

Many fans don't understand the decision that Owens has made to forgo his own HoF induction ceremony, but they certainly understand why he hates the Pats.


Back in 2005, Brady and co. defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 39 - costing Owens the only shot he ever had at a world championship. 

Super Bowl XXXIX

Just a few years later, the Patriots were busted for "Spygate" and in 2015 were at the centre of another controversy in "Deflategate". 

Clearly, T.O. still feels bitter about that Super Bowl loss - and he's not impressed by how New England conduct themselves as a whole.

This latest rant further proves how little Owens cares about what those in the NFL think of him - and he's not afraid to ruffle any feathers either. 

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