Tiger Woods angers golf fans after blanking children wanting autographs at The Open

147th Open Championship - Round One

Tiger Woods is a 14-time major winner, however, he has angered golf fans this afternoon after pushing away children eagerly waiting for his autograph at The Open.

Despite stating he believes this year's tournament provides him with his 'best chance' at a 15th major, the American didn't look in high spirits ahead of the weekend's action.

With a whole day until the first round's action was set to begin, Woods appeared irritable and unwilling to please the young golf fans, simply ignoring them and even pushing them away to get past to the next hole.

With a large amount of time until competitive action begins, it's hard to see why Woods couldn't spare 30 seconds to make the children's day at The Open more special by greeting them.

Watch the video and decide for yourself if Woods' actions were out of order.

Woods' mood could perhaps be explained by his failure to recapture the form many associate with the successful golfer, who became the first athlete to earn over a billion dollars in his career in 2009.

Since going through three separate back surgeries, along with numerous social problems, Woods has appeared a shadow of his former self, but is confident of returning to his best.

Discussing this year's Open as his best chance for another major, Woods said: “As far as long term, certainly, I would say yes because of the fact that you don’t have to be long to play on a links-style golf course, and look what Tom (Watson) did at Turnberry at 59, I believe he was,” Woods said.

“Greg (Norman) was there at Birkdale, I think about 54-ish, somewhere around there. It certainly can be done.

147th Open Championship - Round One

“You get to places like Augusta National, where it’s just a big ballpark, and the golf course outgrows you, unfortunately,” Woods continued.

“So distance becomes a moot point on a links-style golf course. But creativity plays such an important role, and you’ve got guys like Tom playing late in his career, doing well. There’s a reason why he won five of these – very creative and hit all the shots.”

Having said this, Woods' actions don't speak that of a confident, upbeat golfer excited about his chances at the event.

Watch the video below and see how golf fans reacted.

Woods isn't the first golfer to be criticised for his failure to sign autographs, however, Rory McIlroy was involved in a similar incident in his Open victory back in 2014.

However, as pointed out by Ian Poulter on Twitter at the time, players are told not to sign autographs until they've officially handed back their scorecards.

But, with a day left until play was set to start, it doesn't look as if Woods can use that as an excuse for his actions.

The Open Championship runs from July 19 to July 22.

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