Browns fans are seriously worried after Baker Mayfield's latest Twitter post - he doesn't look good

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Baker Mayfield has had an unbelievable year. 

The former Oklahoma star has won the Heisman Trophy, been selected as the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, he was awarded an ESPY for Best College Athlete earlier this week and has recently gotten engaged, all in the space of a few months. 

By all accounts he's been progressing well in Browns offseason workouts in terms of his quarterback play, but after a recent Twitter post some fans might be worried about another aspect of his offseason progress. 

One couldn't blame the exciting young QB for celebrating his long list of achievements in one way or another, and from the below post it looks as though he may have been indulging a little on the culinary side of things. 

Browns fans will be hoping it's just an unflattering photo angle though!

Posing alongside highly successful eSports competitor 'Ninja', Mayfield does look a little out of shape, which is surprising considering he's been hard at work with the Browns for much of the time since he was drafted in April. 

And, Browns fans were quick to jump on him for his apparent weight gain as Twitter exploded into action. 

To be fair, some of the quips were quite funny too...

'Baker Thiccfield' wrote one user.

The obvious Baker reference to baked goods came up too...

He is wearing an oversized t-shirt, which may explain a little about why he looks...shall we say stocky? 

But, it's certainly a worrying sign for Browns fans who were hoping he would finally be the guy that ends their long pursuit for a franchise quarterback. 

The reigning Heisman winner is yet to comment on the the palaver, but it might do him some good to pose in some tighter workout gear to put fans minds to rest sooner rather than later assuming that it is just a bad angle. 

The alternative is he needs to hit the gym and shed some pounds as soon as humanly possible because he sure won't be denting Tyrod Taylor's confidence or grip on the starting job if he comes into camp overweight. 

In all seriousness this could become a worrying issue for the franchise if fluctuating weight is an issue for Mayfield, and they will need to keep on top of it and find his optimum playing weight whilst managing his diet and lifestyle in the offseason. 

It's all part of being a consummate professional, and Baker needs to learn that rapidly if he's to live up to the enormous hype that's followed his career thus far. 

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