Adam Scott branded a cheat by fellow professional at The Open

147th Open Championship - Round Three

Adam Scott risked the wrath of the golfing word after being branded a "cheat" at The Open.

The Australian, who was competing at Carnoustie over the course of the weekend, used a long-putter to hit a shot - which he can't anchor onto a fixed point against his body.

Since January 2016, golf chiefs ensured it is illegal to lodge the long-putter grip against any part of the body, something which the 38-year-old went on to do at the major event in Scotland.

Matthew Baldwin, a professional on the European Tour, posted a clip online of Scott putting his shot at Carnoustie, but he has since subsequently deleted the post from social media.

Putting on the 10th hole, Scott's decision had Baldwin in uproar, who alongside the posted clip, tweeted: "How is that not classed as anchored?"

Scott, who was the 2013 winner of the Masters, using his same method of what he has been accused of at The Open, has angered golf fans with his actions on the course.

A selection of comments regarding Scott can be read below, with many feeling he has cheated by using his long-putter. 

One wrote: "I've seen cruise ships less anchored."

Another said: "Absolute joke #cheat."

A fellow user posted: "Outrageous."

One comment read: "100 per cent anchoring."

Gary Wilde wrote: "It's not known as the cheat stick for nothing."

Another user said: "His hand on the top of the grip is clearly pushed into his chest. It it's touching it's anchored. Terrible."

Despite the uproar of fans and fellow professionals watching alike, Carnoustie officials have not questioned his style, and there is no reason to suggest that he has broken any rules. 

The accusations were running wild after Scott's technique, but it was eventually a memorable day and weekend for Italian Francesco Molinari, the man who took home the trophy.

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