Roger Federer opens up about life inside a Wimbledon locker room

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Twenty-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer met with Annabel Croft last month for a chat at an event for Credit Suisse.

Their conversation covered a wide range of topics, but there was a particularly funny moment when the Swiss was asked about the importance about having fun in his desire to keep playing tennis.

Whilst discussing the fact he wants to keep having fun and enjoying the game, Federer revealed what life is like inside a tennis locker room, in particular at Wimbledon.

As we all know, all tennis players share the same locker room at Wimbledon, and Federer has now revealed what it's actually like inside.

“I always enjoyed playing on Centre Court, I think it's the place where everybody wants to play, where so much history was written," he began.

"It's so pure, the tradition. It's amazing.

"Yeah, getting ready in the locker room, some are playing cards, some are sleeping in the corner. There is a bit of everything.

"We have good times in the locker rooms. It's not... It depends who is in the locker room,” Federer concluded.

The crowd burst out in laughter at the statement, which clearly didn’t come out quite as Federer had intended. 

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In the interview, Federer also talked about how he initially didn’t believe he’d make it at the top level of tennis.

“I wasn't that super talented at 10 or 14 or 16.

"I was talented, I was good, until 15-16 I was just a decent junior, and I was able to win Wimbledon junior in '98, and from then on it all took off and I believed, Oh my god, I can beat top hundred players, then all of sudden everybody talks about you becoming world No. 1.

"My idols were so important to me when I was growing up. To see (Boris) Becker, (Stefan) Edberg and (Pete) Sampras, I wanted to be like them, I never thought I would be.”

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His attitude towards training has also had to change as he grew older.

“Practice for me was not so necessary (laughter), I changed my mind by now because I know going to the weight room is not for the looks, it's for actually getting stronger, they say.

"For me, that was hard at the beginning.”

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