Anthony Smith blasts champion Daniel Cormier for the state of the UFC light-heavyweight division


On Sunday night, Anthony Smith knocked out Mauricio Rua at UFC Hamburg.

The light-heavyweight fighters clashed in the main event of the evening - and brought the Barclaycard Arena to life.


Their bout followed nine straight decisions - but Smith was able to finish the biggest fight of the night within one round. 

He caught Rua with a brutal front kick - landing it right on the jaw, before finishing with a flurry of punches and elbows. 

Following the win, "Lionheart" took the mic to put the rest of the UFC's LHW division on notice.


After handing out a mauling of his own, Smith laid down a challenge to The Mauler himself - Alexander Gustafsson. 

The Swede was set to compete at UFC 227 in August - but had to pull out at short notice. 

However, he may not have to wait very long at all for his next fight. 

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"I hear Gustafsson needs an opponent," Smith said inside the cage.

"Gustafsson, I’ll see you in L.A.!"

Although much of his post-fight interview was concentrated on his next bout, Smith has since turned his attention to wider issues in the light-heavyweight division.

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According to the American, the top of UFC's LHW division is a "disaster" - and that's all down to Daniel Cormier. 

Smith claims that DC, who now holds the light-heavyweight and heavyweight titles, does know what his next move is - but is refusing to tell anyone. 

Because of that, in Lionheart's eyes, he's holding up the entire division. 

UFC 226:  Miocic v Cormier

"The top of the division is a disaster right now. ‘Shogun’ was supposed to be next and now he’s not," Smith explained, via MMAFighting.

"No one knows what’s going on with Cormier. I think that that’s the first step, we need to figure out if Cormier’s staying or going."


"I’ve said this before, I think that Daniel is an honorable man and it wouldn’t be a very honorable thing to do to hold up the division. He knows right now," the 29-year-old continued.

UFC 226:  Miocic v Cormier

"You guys could ask him 100 times and he won’t tell you, but he knows if he’s coming back down or not, and I think that he needs to make that public so we can figure out what we’re all doing."

Clearly, Smith is frustrated with the shape of his division right now - and that's not surprising. 

He's undefeated in his last six fights - and last saw his opponents hand raised way back in 2016. Right now, he's on a hot streak and wants to know who stands in the way of the belt.  

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