The reason why Chad Johnson randomly left a $260 tip just to mock the Chargers


Chad Johnson was one of the NFL's more memorable wide receivers.

In 2001, he was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals - and taken as a second round pick. 

Over the next 10 seasons, he became an integral part of the Bengals offense.


On a personal level, Johnson achieved a fair amount in Cincinnati. 

He was a six-time Pro Bowler and a first-team All-pro on three of those occasions. On top of that, he also led the league in receiving yards in 2006. 

However, despite the fact that Johnson was a standout individual performer, the Bengals still struggled throughout the decade.  

They only finished with a positive record in two of Johnson's 10 seasons - meaning he had to seek team success elsewhere.


In 2011, number 85 was traded to the New England Patriots - and he finally made a Super Bowl appearance - against the New York Giants. 

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

Even though he and the Pats made a run to the world championship game, Johnson had the least productive year of his career, which culminated in even more disappointment as he was on the losing side in SB46.

In fact, it was actually in 2006 with the Bengals that Johnson had his best season. And one of those games, he clearly still remembers very well. 


Against the then-San Diego Chargers 12 years ago, Johnson set his career-record for receiving yards in a single game - going for an impressive 260.

San Diego Chargers v Cincinnati Bengals

That day, he roasted the Chargers and apparently, all these years later, he wanted to do that again.

Except for this time, he roasted them on paper, rather than on the field.  


On Sunday, Johnson took to Twitter to post a picture of the bill he received after dining at a steakhouse in Miami. 

Super Bowl XLVI

Nothing odd there. The check was for $140 - before Johnson added a massive $260 tip that made it up to $400.25.

That's very generous indeed. But why did he do it? Well, if you hadn't already guessed, underneath, he wrote: "'I once had 260 yards against the Chargers' (I love you)".

It seems that Johnson loves to remind everyone at any opportunity of the day he set a personal record against San Diego. 

To be fair, there are worse ways to do it than tipping a massive 180% for restaurant service. Still though, why do it in Miami, a city that has no relation to San Diego or Cincinnati?  

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