Not many UFC fans will agree with Anderson Silva's opinion on Conor McGregor


Anderson Silva has been making a lot of headlines in UFC recently. 

The former middleweight champion is currently serving a one year ban after he failed a USADA drugs test back in October 2017. 

In November, he will be eligible to fight again - but for the time being, he has been keeping himself involved in current UFC issues. 


Like the "The Spider", two-time light-heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones has been making a lot of headlines - despite being banned himself too. 

The difference is, that it's still unclear when "Bones" will be able to fight again - as his UFC career to date has been seriously damaged by two high profile failed drugs tests. 

More recently, Jones was involved in a Twitter feud with Daniel Cormier, with the pair exchanging insults back and forth - and that doesn't give off the best impression of the UFC.

Despite that, Silva has actually spoken out to defend JBJ - suggesting that even though he's had his difficulties, he deserves the respect of fans and fellow fighters.


"I’m his close friend, I have a big affection for him, I see him as a younger brother, and I hope this moment he’s going through is a moment of reflection," Silva told MMAFighting.

UFC 214  Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones

"He’s young and has everything it takes to come back and reclaim what’s his. I’m rooting for him, as always.

"He’s an amazing guy, a guy that has been through several difficulties, several problems, and deserves our respect."

That may not be an opinion that too many UFC fans share. But Silva went one step further - and also claimed that while Jones is good for the sport, Conor McGregor might not be. 



Following McGregor's now infamous bus attack at UFC 223, the Brazilian believes that "Notorious" should take a look at himself before he tarnishes the sport that both men have helped to build. 

"Man, I think that not only me but other athletes worked really hard to turn this sport into a sport to be watched by kids, ladies, women, men, people from all ages and social classes," Silva began.

"Athletes have to have this conscience. Everybody has problems, everybody goes through situations.


"I hope he realizes how much he means to many people and doesn’t do something like that again and ends up tarnishing a bit of what we worked for this sport." 

Silva certainly holds interesting opinions on both Jones and McGregor. In fact, most fans will probably view the pair completely opposite to how he does. 

Many UFC followers are over Jones following his latest controversies, but they still enjoy watching McGregor's antics. So it's interesting that Silva thinks the opposite. 

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