Daniel Ricciardo suggests radical Formula One race weekend overhaul

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

Daniel Ricciardo says a major shake-up in Formula One’s race weekend formats by cutting down on practice sessions and introducing a second race would mean ‘less laps of nonsense’.

The Australian was questioned over the rumoured format changes during the German Grand Prix last weekend, with a sprint-style race on Saturday being suggested, although that now looks unlikely following an initial backlash.

There's also been talks of further expanding the calendar, following the expansion to 21 races this year, but that's also been faced by a mixed reception, both on and off the track.

Ricciardo feels regardless of F1 format changes there needs to be ‘more laps of meaningful business’ rather than practice sessions which have no impact on qualifying or racing.

The Red Bull driver said: “I’d prefer no practices and just Saturday, Sunday.

“Just qualify Saturday morning, race Saturday afternoon and race again Sunday. Less laps of nonsense and more laps of meaningful business.

“I want it to be serious, it is not the F1 everyone is used to, so you have to be careful with two races.

“But I like racing, I don’t like practice so much. So, if it just meant that we could race more through a year, and do less practice, then that sounds good to me.”

F1 Grand Prix of Germany

The Australian has also voiced his opinion on F1 cutting down on races, and he feels the spare time will just be spent on teams attending other activities such as sponsor commitments.

“It depends if those other weekends are holidays or marketing days. If it is marketing days then I prefer 23 races. If it is holidays then I prefer 16 races,” he said.

It was confirmed earlier this week by F1's commercial boss Sean Bratches that any potential plans for a Miami race to join the calendar have been postponed while it continues to seek other new races.

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