Dwight Howard hopes to retire with the Wizards, but we've heard that before

Dwight Howard will be featuring on his sixth NBA team after signing a two-year deal with the Washington Wizards this summer. 

The big man has already had a rollercoaster offseason after initially being traded by the Charlotte Hornets to the Brooklyn Nets. 

But he quickly agreed a buyout with the Nets, which allowed him to become a free agent and join the Wizards. 

This will be his fifth team in just four seasons as he continues to bounce around the league. 


Howard has struggled for a period of stability in his career but he’s hoping he can find that in the nation’s capital. 

In his introductory press conference with his new team, the center said he wants to retire with the Wizards. 

“For the rest of my career here, and I plan to be here until I retire, it’s about this team. It’s about us winning,” he said, per NBC Sports. 

A lot of people had fun with this quote on social media as the eight-time All-Star has said this before, on more than one occasion. 

Nick Whalen of RotoWire took to Twitter to dig up past quotes from Dwight where he previously stated that he wanted to retire with the Orlando Magic, Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets. 

That clearly didn’t work out for the veteran so it’s no surprise that this latest comment was taken with a pinch of salt.

At 32, it’s hard to see how much longer he has in the game but he’ll have to be a huge hit in his two years in Washington to stay beyond his current contract. 

But the fact that Howard plans to play until his 40s will make it unlikely that he’ll be with the Wizards until he reaches that mark. 

“For me, I plan on playing this game for another good eight years,” he said.

With the way he’s been unable to stick to one team in recent years, the chances of Howard playing another eight years would appear to be slim. 

According to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports, only 24 players have played in the NBA at the age of 40 or older with three of them active in the league now; Manu Ginobili, Jason Terry and Vince Carter.

On top of that, only six centers have managed this feat and Howard would be joining an elite list which includes Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robert Parish and Dikembe Mutombo.

But for now, his only focus should be on next season as we’ve seen that the three-time Defensive Player of the Year doesn’t last long in one place.

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