Kevin Durant says LeBron's decision to join Lakers was the “perfect move”

When LeBron James decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers this summer, two teams probably weren’t in love with the move: the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors.

It was the second time that he broke the hearts of Cavs fans by bolting out of town. Although he brought the city its first NBA title in 2016, Cleveland has a right to feel disappointed that the face of their franchise is now most likely gone for the rest of his career.

Warriors fans might be a little concerned as well. Although their championship team got even better by adding All-Star DeMarcus Cousins this summer, the threat of James now in the Western Conference might be unsettling, especially since Magic Johnson has made it abundantly clear that LA is going to make aggressive roster moves to return to glory sooner rather than later.

Golden State fans have also grown accustomed to rooting against LeBron. In fact, they’ve done so in each of the last four Finals.

However, perhaps the most talented Warrior has nothing but love and respect for James’ decision.

The respect is real

“I loved it. I absolutely loved it,” Kevin Durant told Marc Spears of The Undefeated per Alysha Tsuji of For The Win. “I thought it was the perfect decision, perfect move, did everything he was supposed to do in Cleveland. I think this is the perfect next step for him, and he’s kinda breaking down the barriers of what an NBA superstar is supposed to be. You feel like you’re just supposed to play it out in one spot. I think he did a good job of giving different chapters. I think it’s gonna make his book even more interesting when it’s done.”

While it may not be the best idea to ask Durant to analyze a free agency decision, it was interesting to hear him applaud LeBron’s choice. Logically, the two should be rivals. 

But, in reality, it appears as though they might even be friends.

Recently, KD was seen partying with James in Los Angeles.

“Just life,” Durant said, regarding what he and James were celebrating. “Just life, excited about what lies ahead for him, and for us as men, more so than basketball players. Just breaking bread and showing love.”

While there’s clearly some hostility and pettiness floating around the modern-day NBA at all times, it appears as perhaps the two best players in the world are not only civil, but friendly around each other.

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