Kevin Durant doesn't care about the name callers anymore as he has the power

When Kevin Durant announced two years ago that he would be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder and signing with the Golden State Warriors, many NBA fans were angry at all.

This was when the name calling started for the now two-time NBA Champion and two-time NBA Finals MVP, most notably being called a snake for leaving the Thunder for his own personal goals.

At this stage of his career though, the names are no longer bothering the Warriors star.


Speaking to Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports, the forward said that he doesn’t care what people call him anymore because people get mad at him anyways when he’s transparent.

He now believes that whenever he speaks, everyone will listen, and because of this, he has the power.

Durant said: “Now I’m just like, I don’t really care what people think about me, the names people call me. I know every time I say something, people are going to get upset at me.

“So I feel like I have all the power now. I can make so many people upset by just speaking my mind and speaking my truths, being transparent with everyone.”


At the end of the day, Durant knows the truth in his own mind, and therefore he doesn’t mind what people say about him.

“It’ll get all these random people coming on national TV to project their feelings onto me. It’s pretty funny actually. I know what’s important.

“In between those lines, people aren’t going to step in between them. Really, how are the words of those people more valid than mine?”

Big Year

Durant left the Thunder in 2016 in order to achieve his own personal goal of winning the NBA Championship, and he did exactly that not once, but twice over the past two years with the Warriors.

Golden State will be favourites to win the championship again in what could turn out to be a big year for the forward at the franchise.

Durant signed a two-year, $61.5 million maximum deal, with a player option for 2019-20 this offseason. He could become a free agent next year, and sign a big deal with another team.

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