Channing Frye identifies one major problem with the remade Lakers roster

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks

Channing Frye knows exactly what it's like to be on a championship winning roster alongside LeBron James. 

The three point specialist was a key part of the historic Cavaliers title winning roster in 2016, and he's got a fair idea of what ingredients it takes to formulate a winning team around James. 

Frye will be back with the Cavs in 2018, after being traded to the Lakers last season as a part of the trade that saw Larry Nance Jr and Jordan Clarkson join up with LeBron and co. 

With James going in the other direction, and forming an almost entirely new roster in LA, Frye shared his opinion on the squad the his former teammate will go to war with next season. 

Speaking on his Road Trippin Podcast alongside fellow former title winning Cavalier Richard Jefferson, Frye revealed one major shortcoming of the 2018 Lakers roster in particular. 

The young core of the Lakers roster clearly has a ton of promise, with lottery picks Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram set to continue improving and the surprising Kyle Kuzma showing he can be a big time scorer at times in his rookie season. 

However, Frye sees an issue with the lack of a particular type of veteran presence, the kind of presence that LeBron has had on almost all of his finals teams. 

“They’re young guys are crazy talented. The only worry I have is, they don’t have a guy that’s not expected to play that is going to do the work. You need that one 15th man. You need a guy that is on par with your A1, that is working harder than him to do nothing. But that is respected and can hold people accountable.” Frye said. 

The type of guy he's referring to is exactly the role that James Jones played on LeBron's Heat and Cavs teams that consistently rolled through the east to the tune of seven straight finals appearances with the highly respected veteran shooter on board. 

Whilst the Lakers have added a series of big veteran characters in the form of Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee and Michael Beasley, Frye is right in that the James Jones role is largely unfulfilled. 

Luol Deng is the closest thing they'll have to that kind of largely inactive but respected player, but saying that the British born forward hardly has the same kind of presence as Jones nor does he command the unwavering respect around the league that the now retired three-time champ did. 

The locker room chemistry will be highly intriguing as the year rolls on, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see at least one of the newly added vets being cut or shipped off come the All Star break in favour of a more stable leader to assist James off the court. 

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