Bill Belichick had a comical response to being asked if he's getting Tom Brady a birthday present


Back in 2000, the New England Patriots selected quarterback Tom Brady as the 199th overall pick of that year's NFL draft. 

In 2018, TB12 and his long-term head coach, Bill Belichick, will embark on their 19th season together in football. 


The pair are the most successful quarterback-head coach tandem in NFL history and have won more regular and postseason games than any other duo.

Of course, they have the titles to back themselves up too. 

Belichick and Brady are eight-time AFC Conference champions and five-time Super Bowl winners, cementing themselves into NFL history. 

With all that success, you'd suggest that the pair would at least have a healthy working relationship - and would maybe even be friends off the field. 

But with Belichick, stuff like that isn't always so simple - as fans know all too well.


On August 3, Brady turns 41. His birthday is just three days away now.


But with the Pats training camp well underway, it wouldn't be surprising if his teammates and coach were a little pre-occupied with their preparation for 2018.

Although, actually, that may not be the case - especially for Belichick. 

Yesterday, the coach was asked if, after 19 years of working with Brady, their relationship is at the point of exchanging birthday gifts. 


Normally, when asked a question like that, Belichick would have given a pretty generic "I'm not focused on birthdays" response - but that didn't happen on Monday.  


"I asked Bill Belichick if, after 19 years, his relationship is to the point with Tom Brady where he’ll get him a birthday gift Friday," NFL Network's Omar Ruiz wrote on Twitter.

"He smiled and said he’s still got a couple days to work on it, 'I’ll think of something.'"

Well, that's a pretty surprising response from a man who's not exactly known for showing much emotion, especially in front of the media. 

In fact, some fans have even pointed out that the strangest thing about Belichick's reply is that he actually cracked a smile. 

Others speculated about what kind of gift he'll be getting TB12. 


Maybe though, Belichick's dry, but comedic reply suggests that his attitude is finally changing - perhaps he's quite relaxed ahead of next season. 

Or maybe he's trying to improve morale in the Patriots dressing room after a pretty tough summer.

Whether his apparent new attitude will last remains to be seen. 


But after disappointment in the Super Bowl last season, Belichick will certainly hope he can inspire his team to go one better again in 2018. 

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